b2b social media marketing

B2B Social Media Marketing Tools You Absolutely Need B2B Social Media Marketing Tools You Absolutely Need 84% of C-level executives research social media before making a purchase.(Click to tweet) Social media marketing has become one of the most preferred platforms for B2B companies  conduct marketing campaigns. 75% of businesses use social media to identify and connect with their prospects. Whereas, 98% of B2B marketers believe that marketing automation is critical for success on social media.(Click to tweet) Bonus Tip Get started with social media marketing for business Download whitepaper Social media template to strategize your campaigns better! Download now With social media marketing tools, the ability to run campaigns more effectively and efficiently has increased drastically. These social media tools for marketing, give you insights into your target audience, the market, your competitors, the latest trends, and everything that can sustain your business. Let’s not forget that social media tools for…

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