generating quality leads

12 Quick Links from Pros to Increase Sales Faster than Ever! Introduction Sales problems knocking you off? Well, that can be a bummer. Nothing is more unruly to a business than a stuck-up sales process. Well, let’s start with a simple fact. 90% of B2B decision-makers do not respond to cold outreach.Click to tweet Source: Virtual B2B Yes! That is a staggering number. But as authentic as it can get. Most of the techniques that were once favored in sales are now considered outdated. Why? Because the sales landscape has changed at an overwhelming rate. To drive maximum results, it is essential that your sales team must work with cross-functional partners to build value for the prospects before they become customers. New age sales are all about the customer. Click to tweet Your sales strategies need to focus on providing what the customer is looking for and improve methods to…

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