5 Reasons Inbound Sales brings
Success to B2B Companies

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As we inch further away from traditional marketing, B2B companies are inclining much towards the new and updated form of inbound marketing. Inbound sales are the result of crafting an inbound marketing strategy. Focusing more on individual buyers, inbound sales is what will shape the future of the marketing landscape.



Making Your Business Significant Again

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Inbound sales is the process of concentrating on individual
buyers, highlighting their pain points, needs, personal
preferences and goals.

The idea is to focus on the need of the buyer before that of the company. It is an on-going process where the solutions provided, are personalized and are focused on the buyer’s approach. Educating potential customers, singling-out their pain points and influencing them to invest in the product/service is the head cornerstone of Inbound Sales


A Glance at the Inbound Sales Methodology


Inbound Sales Methodology, when synced with a Buyer’s Journey, creates a successful Marketing Strategy for B2B companies. Each stage is about proposing a potential solution that can solve the problem the customer is facing.


Inbound Sales VS Outbound Sales 

Who Wins?  
Inbound sales


Outbound sales

Inbound Sales

The idea is to educate

There is an interaction between the seller and buyer

It uses warm calling method

Valuable content wins

A combination of content, email, social media and SEO is used to reach out to the potential audience

Outbound Sales

The aim is to just make a sale

There is rarely any interaction between the seller and buyer

It uses cold calling method

Big budget wins

Phone calls, advertisements on TV and radio and billboards are used to reach out to the prospects
In the modern marketing landscape, inbound sales are an
obvious choice for B2B companies who are looking to boost
their business to the epitome of success

Inbound Sales Statistics to Blow Your Mind


“Inbound Marketing is not a channel, tactic or technology; it’s a

outbound sales strategies
Outbound sales strategy has a success rate of only 2.5% as compared to inbound sales strategies 
57% to 70% of product research is made even before the B2b buyers engage with the company.
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decision makers
 70% of B2B buyers research on social media channels to reach a buying decision  
98 out of 100 inbound salespeople with a minimum of 5000 contacts in LinkedIn surpass their sales quota every month 
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Aren’t the numbers impressive? 

As time goes by, the statistics seem to get bigger and better. The benefits of
inbound sales are many; rendering it ideal for all B2B companies to adopt the
same into their overall growth strategy.


The Many Rewards of Inbound Sales for B2B Companies


Identifying, Connecting, Exploring & Advising

Reward 1:
The Audience Today is Different
inbound sales leads

In the age of information, when everything is up-for-grabs on the internet, companies have tobe careful about how they connect with their targeted audience. The power has shifted to the
buyers whose preferences change dynamically. Companies should be open to accept
the fact that the needs of their audience are ever-evolving and move on!

Reward 2:
Sales is Not Just About Crunching Numbers
inbound strategy

There was a time when every salesperson worked to cross the threshold of their monthly targets. Well, the scenario has changed completely. It is not about “YOU” anymore. It is about the audience. By incorporating inbound sales strategies, salespeople can further their career while also providing prospects with potential solutions.

Reward 3:

Understanding the Customer Becomes Easier

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A B2B company needs to understand its buyers to survive in this populated landscape. By engaging in inbound sales, it is easier to get a proper understanding of your customers. Since inbound sales depend on the buyer’s persona, your ability to serve them better increases. 

Reward 4:

It Goes Hand-in-hand with Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

Inbound marketing and inbound sales go hand-in-hand because the latter is the outcome of the former. By joining forces, sales and marketing can boost leads, resulting in an increased level of visitors to your website.

Reward 5:

Your Customers Become Brand
Ambassadors of your Company
inbound sales techniques

With genuine buyers enthused about your product/service, you can get them to act as the brand ambassadors of your company. By using inbound sales techniques, you provide an excellent experience to the customers. They, in turn, spread the word of your excellent service to their associates.

The Key Takeaways 

  • B2B companies can boost their business perspectives using Inbound Sales
  • In the current marketing landscape, inbound sales methodology is the best way to connect with potential customers
  • Including inbound sales techniques can help raise the overall revenue of the company

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