five tips to build smarter email list

5 Tips to Build a Smarter Email List in 2019

Let’s begin with what an email list is, in the first place. Simply put, an email list is an email database of subscribers that a business establishes through various lead-generating campaigns. This is done to grow and expand upon that business’ directory of potential customers for obvious reasons, of course. 

If you already have an email marketing database in place, brilliant! But, that very same database is constantly at risk of being depreciated. 

Yes, by 22.5% each year to be precise. And that can’t be good. Well, it isn’t, irrespective of the reasons why. 

A surprisingly large number of folks tend to change their email addresses regularly. Whether it’s just to opt-out of your email communication, a change of employers perhaps or just to terminate an old email address that they would have strictly used to fill out forms on webpages. 

It’s of the utmost importance to a business that its email database is consistently updated to include relevant contacts.

It defeats the purpose of your business strategy if your marketing database is loaded with email subscriber leads that have been bought. This is a deceptive practice that is rampant and should be avoided at all costs. 

It would behoove you to have an email list that is filled with contacts of individuals who want to hear what you have to say, as opposed to those that are just going to get spammed instead.

What are the perks of building a valid email list?

Considering email marketing is a great way to connect to your current clients and prospects, it’s a cost-effective means to get your message out there and is more likely to have a higher rate of success than say traditional methods.

Let’s take a gander at 5 techniques that will help build your email list and take your business to the next level:

valid email list

Content that consistently offers maximum value

maximum value

People can be a bit on the reserved side when it comes to offering their personal information, and for good reason too. They will not give in to the idea of receiving marketing mailers from anyone unless they perceive to gain true value from that source.

The best way to win their trust is to prove that what you have to offer will truly benefit them and to clearly state what they will receive from the get-go if they do agree to be a subscriber of your email list.

Remember, value-centric content is always king! 

By offering maximum value, you not only get them to become a vital part of your Marketing Database, but you get them to remain in it as well. And you do want that, don’t you?

strong landing pages

A great way to step-up your lead generation game is to have landing pages that are built with the specific goal of bringing about a higher rate of conversion. You’ll be surprised to find that this is a brilliant way of adding to your email database. 

The landing page would need to be minimalistic in design to reduce distractions in any form, ensuring that they have a seamless user experience that guides them to the action you want them to take. It should give the visitor a clear-cut explanation as to how it would benefit them and offer a simple mechanism meant to collect their contact information.

When the layout of your landing pages isn’t over-complicated with unnecessary aberrations, the chance of your visitors getting frustrated or side-tracked and leaving the page are drastically reduced. In short, keep it simple, keep it sharp.

lead generation

Who doesn’t love the idea of getting a service or tool for free? How about an e-book or a whitepaper? These are value-added services that make our lives a lot easier. And what would you have to do in order to gain access to such a service? Submit your email address, that’s it.

Most people wouldn’t even be bothered by that as they know they’re getting their time’s worth by doing so. In fact, subsequent services or curated content offered to them by you just because they’re on your mail list would be more than welcomed!

Provided you don’t flood their inbox with irrelevant junk every day, week or month of the year. Which brings us back to point number 1 – Make sure your content is of enormous value to the individuals on your email database.

marketing database

According to Geoff Roberts, co-founder of Outseta and former VP of marketing at Bizness Apps and Roambi – 

Adding email capture forms in the middle of video content is another advanced tip that may seem disruptive but at times it can be effective and will help you capture emails from really high-value potential customers”. 

For example, if you have a highly detailed 10-minute video on your webpage and include one of these capture forms, say 6 minutes into the video, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll collect a few emails considering that individual has already tuned-in for 6-minutes thus far, and is usually bound to stick around for the remainder of the video. 

You can choose to make it mandatory for the person to submit their email data in order to continue watching the video or you can choose to make the email capture optional and promise a follow-up of valuable material that helps the individual better understand your product offering via email.

Utilizing this approach will certainly prove to bring in a certain amount of personal data to fill-up your marketing database.         

email database

So, you have an existing pool of subscribers on your email list and want to grow that number. Why not ask them to share your content. It doesn’t take much to do so and in doing this, you will gain access to their contacts, whether they’re on their email database or social media accounts.

The point being is that all it would take is the inclusion of a simple ‘share’, ‘subscribe’ or ‘email a friend’ button/option that can be created as part of your email which will surely give your marketing database a significant boost in the right direction. 

This compilation, most of which are inexpensive options and aren’t Herculean tasks to implement will have you reaping benefits in no time.

With a larger email database, the opportunities to further the growth and reach of your business are improved drastically. And this is where ReachStream will be able to help you take your business endeavors to the next level. Go ahead, contact us and find out how we can help.

Choose to give yourself an edge in today’s business, dog-eat-dog world. 

With ReachStream you don’t just get an extensive email list, what you do get is a list that has been real-time verified, is up-to-date.

Remember, all your other digital marketing endeavors may as well be dead in the water, without a good email list.

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