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When embarking on a healthcare marketing journey, the pit stops you make to get to the destination are many. And without a shade of doubt, crucial as well.
While setting up objectives or finding your target audience lay the foundation, no marketing journey is complete without a clear budget in sight.

Just imagine walking into a clothing store and spending more than you can afford. It is not a desirable situation. The scene doesn’t change much when it comes to marketing. Without putting a pre-determined cap on your campaigns, it will spin out of control.

A budget is the most crucial part of a marketing journey. Why do you ask? Well, for each marketing activity that you undertake, you need to know how much you will be spending.

To simplify it, your budget is equivalent to the amount of money you are planning to invest. To see it all through. A budget acts as a financial road map and reduces the risk of losing money.

However, the mystery shrouding healthcare marketing’s budget planning is too thick to cut through. Healthcare marketers hardly address the enigma that the budget is in the medical industry.

Statistics show that up to 85% of small and mid-size healthcare companies have a budget without a written plan. The results of the same are not favorable, either. Most of them get misdirected by mid-way. The farce of “only plan, no budget” has dire consequences.

So, why run blindly to the edge?

To ensure that you stay on track of your healthcare marketing journey, we have delved deep into the subject of medical budgeting. And guess what, we have found perfect answers to the mystery.

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Why is budgeting important to your healthcare marketing campaign?

A good marketing budget gives your spending a direction. It will help you measure and manage your investment and the returns you get. A budget can also guide your marketing plan towards result-driven strategies.  

    Do you think a marketing budget will limit your marketing


    Here’s a more in-depth look at why budgeting is essential for a marketing plan.

    1. It helps you be more strategic:

    Like personal finance, a marketing budget will make you think twice about where you spend and what you can save. Allotting a budget for healthcare marketing makes your spending more strategic

    2. Your competitors assess what they spend:

    Most small businesses plan to invest more in digital marketing. Marketing requires your message to be relevant, recognizable, and appealing when compared to that of your competitor. If you cannot decide what you are willing to spend on to be competitive, you can’t assess if it is too much, too little or just right.

    3. You can test variables other than marketing costs:

    When you don’t prioritize your marketing expenses, the chances of utilizing those funds for something else increase. This way you can’t explore your marketing capacity.

    Imagine, you are running a campaign on social media, and it is actively helping you generate leads. This proves that your marketing efforts are in the right place. However, if the campaign fails, you can opt for another medium like email marketing. And all of this in a similar budget.

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    4. Marketing and sales go hand in hand:

    Marketing correlates with sales. If you don’t set and determine your marketing as a separate budget; you can miss a valuable opportunity to get revenue back to the business. 

    5. Some marketing costs are not immediately visible:

    Once you start marketing to your customers, you will realize that there are other small or big expenses that you will incur.  Without a proper marketing budget, you cannot estimate the ‘all in’ expense of marketing, which includes:  

    • Writing
    • Cost of giving a customer a discount or an offer
    • Designing and production resources 
    • The energy and time that goes into the campaign

    A marketing budget helps identify the best ways to get customers, keep them engaged, and build loyalty. Allotting a budget helps give direction to your marketing campaign. Before you assign a budget to your healthcare marketing, here are a few questions you must answer.

    Points to Remember before setting a Healthcare marketing budget

    Set the right objectives for your healthcare marketing. Once your business objectives are clear, it is simpler to set a marketing budget. Setting goals for your marketing will let you divide the right budget for the right reason and optimize the benefits.

    Bonus tip:
    The right budget needs clear objectives. Set the right objectives for your healthcare marketing

    Before deciding a budget, you need to conduct comprehensive marketing research on the healthcare industry, its competition, and the target audience. This helps you choose the right marketing strategy. With a well-planned strategy, you will be able to set a well-defined marketing budget

    Bonus tip:
    Learn how you can conduct marketing research and understand the nerve of your healthcare market.Conducting Marketing Research: Know Your Healthcare Market

    Having a clear picture of your target audience helps you choose the right channel for marketing. Who are they? What kind of marketing works best for them? How to market to them? These are some questions you need to answer before you set a marketing budget. With a defined marketing channel, you can easily set a marketing budget and reduce the chances of over or under budgeting your marketing campaign.

    Bonus tip:
    Here’s How You Identify B2B Medical Target Audience. Identify your audience to define a better healthcare marketing budget.

    Marketing trends will help you decide the direction of your marketing plan. By understanding what’s in store for the future, you can determine how to target the same. As a healthcare marketer, you need to understand that the entire business landscape has completely changed. Most people are unaware of new medical technologies and products; this makes it the right time to dedicate to marketing.

    However, it is crucial to analyze what kind of marketing budget suits your company better. To help you determine where to allocate your budget and other resources in 2019, we’ve got some critical insights established through healthcare marketing research that we have conducted. Here are two ways to budget your healthcare marketing campaigns. 

    Ways to Budget your Healthcare Marketing Campaign

    1. Overall marketing budget:

    Overall or all-inclusive marketing is a mix of both online and offline marketing. As a healthcare marketer, you need to strike a balance between both online and offline budgeting like television ads, print ads, and other traditional forms along with social media, content marketing, SEO, etc.

    Traditional channels of marketing haven’t fared well in recent years. Print, television, and radio are declining in total marketing investments. The allocation of a budget will purely depend on the nature of your business. As of today, online marketing has the upper hand.   

    2. Online Marketing Budget:

    Online marketing or digital marketing budget includes different aspects of marketing online. Search engine optimization, website development, paid ads, social media, and email marketing is a part of online marketing. 

    Healthcare online marketing is a couple of years behind when compared to other industries. According to current trends, the medical industry is trying to bridge this gap and focus on optimizing to reap the benefits of online marketing.

    Online marketing has different forums and to market and advertise.

    The 4 main online marketing strategies to assign your marketing budgets are: 

    I) Content Marketing:

    70% of healthcare Industries are active in content marketing. However, most medical marketers feel their efforts are not living up to the standards of their respective organizations.  

    Healthcare is a very personal topic that generates high search engine traffic and engagement. 8 out of 10 people turn to search engines as their source for information. But, the chances of getting the right data are much lower. At the same time, voice searches for health queries are on the rise. It is time for healthcare marketers to really invest in providing consumer-friendly content.  

    As a B2B healthcare marketer, you must dedicate 28% of the total online marketing budget to content marketing

    II) Social Media Marketing:

    Social media has emerged as one of the top channels for healthcare marketing. According to a survey, 30% of healthcare marketers have revealed that social media is one of their most important channels for marketing. They also expect social media to grow by 2019.

    Almost 80% of America is on social media, so it makes sense for any healthcare organization to promote themselves on social media. For healthcare marketing, a social media budget of approximately 15% to 25% is the optimal amount to invest.

    III) Search Engine Marketing:

    According to research, 80% of American web users look online for any health information. Unfortunately, B2B healthcare does not approach SEO the way they should. On the bright side, you have a chance to rank high on search engines by allotting almost up to 25% of your overall marketing budget towards search engine optimization.  

    IV) Email Marketing:

    Email marketing is the best form of online marketing. It is simple and drives the maximum results. To run a successful email marketing campaign, all you need is a list of potential customer email IDs, and you are sure to get results.

    For a healthcare email marketing campaign, you should always use a reliable database.

    The results for healthcare email marketing are now better than ever before. About 94% of Americans rely on emails as their choice of immediate and for effective results.

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    An email marketing campaign works best for marketing in the medical sector. 


    Budgeting your healthcare marketing will give your marketing campaign a direction. It is essential to budget your marketing as good marketing will lead to higher sales; this is the goal of any business. Choosing the right method of budgeting is imperative. How to budget your healthcare marketing will depend on the nature of your organization. The traditional form of medical marketing is slowly losing its ground, and there seems to be a massive shift towards online marketing. As a healthcare marketer, you need to stay in tune with what is trending and budget your marketing accordingly.

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