Marketing Trends that Will Be Huge in 2020 Table of Content 1. Relearn SEO 2. Ease Up on Generic Campaigns 3. Click to Action Posts 4. Virtual and Augmented Reality 5. Interactive Content 6. Smart Bidding for Google Ads 7. Content Marketing 8. Vary Your Video Content Introduction Technology is growing at a breakneck speed. As marketing trends in the digital space are transforming every day, marketers are increasingly looking answers for where to start, what trends to follow, what skills to nurture and how to get ahead in this game. This article provides the solutions for all those, and more. Let’s read on. Relearn SEO​ SEO used to be so simple. Just bang in the right number of keywords and build backlinks and you were assured of success. However, as AI is increasingly becoming more ‘intelligent’, traditional SEO is changing course. In 2020 ranking on the first page of…

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