Content Marketing Planner +

Monthly Calendar [Free Template]
Content Marketing Planner + Monthly Calendar [Free Template]

Do you have an awesome content marketing strategy in mind? Great! Bring your crazy new idea into action by using our free content marketing planner + monthly calendar template.

We designed this visually minimalist and effective template to help your team be the most efficient version of itself!

Why You Need a Content Marketing Planner

Curious What’s Inside? Take a Peek!

How to Use This Content Marketing Planner Template


On downloading this template, you’ll find two spreadsheets inside – a content marketing planner and a monthly calendar.

Content Matketing Planner Month & Year


The content marketing planner is divided into 3 sections:


Use the content publication calendar to list your content pieces using a task identifier code.

For each content piece, define its type, the platforms to be published in, a meta title, a meta description, focus keywords to include, the assigned writer and editor, its task status, review status, link to the document, and a target or tentative publishing deadline.

Note: The task status for the content piece is updated by the assigned content writer, following which the reviewing editor updates the review status.

Content marketing planner year and month


Use the publishing workflow to assign designers and final reviews for your content pieces. Assign the deadline to post your content pieces and keep track of the post URLs.

Publishing Workflow


In notes, the team lead or manager may put their comments and a reference URL if needed. You may also mention the team member responsible for resolving the comment.



The other spreadsheet contains a monthly calendar. Use this for a month-by-month overview of the content and design workflows.

Create copies of this template for each month of the publishing year.

monthly calendar


Include links, assigned team members, URLs to documents and posts to make a short and sharp entry that’s visually clear and concise.


Use the notes for the month section to create longer comments or notes that require special attention for a given month.

notes for the month

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