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Database platforms – An Oasis for All B2B Marketers

In the last few years, there has been a growing recognition that insight and knowledge about consumers add tremendous value to organizations. Online databases are being utilized by organizations and are of more value, enabling marketers to seize better marketing opportunities.

Organizations of all sizes across a range of industry sectors rely on databases. It is therefore increasingly important for marketers to understand the significance of web databases.

To know more about how web database platforms are the instant pots of B2B marketing, first, we have to understand the importance of a database.

Every business organization should have an online database for all potential and current customers. Databases help a business analyze data and leverage the information gained to improve ROI (Return on Investment) effectively.

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B2B marketing presents its own set of challenges; one of them being, where do you find a relevant online database?

These days, there  are a plethora of data  sources available to marketers.  Certain database platforms provide you with potential  sources of data that will help you gain a better understanding of your customer’s behavior and gives you the ability to target your marketing campaigns more accurately,
ensuring better results.

An efficient web database platform arms marketers with essential tools that help in lead management and marketing resource management. Both are of interest to marketers who use multiple channels to market their products as well as those who need to track the progress of their marketing campaigns.

Marketing resource tools equip marketers with the ability to execute their marketing strategy with pinpoint precision.

Web database platforms allow marketers to plan their budget and to track marketing campaigns with a high degree of sophistication. The secret of a successful B2B Marketing Strategy lies in planning, consultation, and careful thought.

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B2B considerations - How database platforms are beneficial in B2B marketing

  • Online database platforms are of value. Sounds obvious In B2B  marketing, a database
    platform  allows  marketers to target organizations and decision makers accurately
  • Marketers and many brands have been using data platforms for targeted databases to drive direct mail and email campaigns.
  • Database platforms save marketers a precious amount of time. A good database platform offers good customer data which in – turn  fuels
    successful campaigns
  • Being marketing representatives, collecting data from disparate sources is messy work. A well-constructed database platform like ReachStream understands the concerns of marketers and provides the right combination of B2B marketing tools that will be best suited for their business
  • A web database platform provides marketing teams with unified, real-time, self-service access to customer data and paves the way for higher levels of engagement
  • Database platforms help marketers deliver superior-level customer experiences in B2B marketing
  • Database platforms create a noticeably positive shift in a marketer’s ability to meet disruptive and competitive challenges they face in B2B marketing
  • About 53% of marketing executives say that the transparency provided through database platforms like ReachStream enable their teams to react more quickly to changes in market or customer preferences
    • Online CDP also helps marketers get a 360-degree view of their targeted customers. Yes, database platforms bring everything into one place providing metrics across a range of marketing initiatives such as customer analysis and campaign performance


    • Database platforms can help forward-thinking marketers organize their data, enhance their audience segmentation and plan a more effective B2B marketing campaign


  •  Specifically targeted interactions and richer relationships with prospects are now possible thanks to database platforms

It is important to remember that web database platforms are now playing an integral part in the foundation of emerging, digital savvy marketing organizations. The secret of success in any business lies in choosing a reliable database platform; be sure to refer to the following checklists which will give you a good starting point 

  • Only collect data from a refined web database platform you can use, so you don’t have to be conservative with data collection. Start with identifying your leads that meet your specific criteria using  ReachStream  and help your business grow.

  • Do make use of the wealth of experience that is widely available to you through database platforms like ReachStream to make informed decisions.

  •  A database platform must be able to provide information about the right level of  your targeted audience, i.e. if you have a wide range of products or services that  are marketed to multi-national  companies,your database should give you the ability to directly engage with head offices and decision makers.

A web database platform like ReachStream is necessary for B2B marketers to understand potential clients’ requirements and be able to ensure that the right offers are made. B2B marketing involves targeting and communicating with individuals.  

The only source that can effectively integrate and manage layers of information about various companies and their representatives are database platforms. Broadly speaking, database platforms like ReachStream help marketers identify professionals based on geography, company, title, and name. Database platforms are the instant pots in B2B marketing as they help marketers connect with the right influencers and decision makers. Related blog: The Impact Of Direct Dials On Sales Productivity

Evangeline is a content writer and strategist at ReachStream, who believes that words and expression complete a person. An enthusiastic reader, she loves to spend time learning more about different cultures.

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