The Beginner’s Guide to Technographic Data

Guide to technographic data
52 percent

of salespersons don’t use technographic data.

According to over 52% of B2B salespersons do not use technographics to target their
prospects. Are you in that 52%, looking to meet your targets?
According to over 52% of B2B salespersons do not use technographics to target their prospects. Are you in that 52%, looking to meet your targets?

Here’s a short infographic on what technographic data is, why you should use it, and how to get it.

What is Technographic Data?

What is technographic data?
Picture of Technology-Based Segmentation

Technology-Based Segmentation

It is the IT infrastructure of a company, including details of what tools and software a company uses to function.

Picture of Tech Stack Data

Tech Stack Data

It is also called tech stack data as it includes information about CRMS, and other B2B tools used by the target accounts.

Picture of Implementation and Adoption

Implementation and Adoption

It can also include information about how long the prospect has used a particular tool. Or how often they modify their tech stack.

Picture of Firmographic & Technographic Data

Firmographic & Technographic Data

B2B Technographics are often used together with firmographics for a clear, complete, and concise understanding of the target account.

Where Can I Get Technographic Data?


You can collect these details using surveys, calls, and emails.

However, surveys can be resource-intensive to scale and validate.


Scrape landing pages using scraping tools to generate data from target company’s website.

This method can be limited by security control on websites.

Buy from B2B Data Providers
Buy from B2B Data Providers

You can buy from B2B Data providers like ReachStream and ZoomInfo for complete and accurate tech stack data.

These types of platforms provide tech stack data along with company attributes.

How Do You Use Technographics?

Picture of Recognize Pain Points

Recognize Pain Points

Use technographics to understand and pinpoint problems with integration, learning curve, and automation to tailor your pitch.

Picture of Personalize


You can personalize outreach and sales pitch. Identify how the product fits in the tech stack and determine the right touch points.

Picture of Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Get in front of companies that use similar technologies to fill your sales funnel. Identify at-risk accounts and compete with other products.

Picture of Targeted Content Marketing

Targeted Content Marketing

Curate content that prospects can relate with to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

A Guide on How to Effectively Utilize Technographic Data

Why Should I Use Technographic Data?

Benefits of technographic data

Strategic Sales Insights

Sales teams can use technographics to create a compelling cold call and continue incorporating it in their pitches. These insights may include the period a company has used a particular software.

Enhanced Targeting

You can segment your total addressable market based on the type of tools your prospects use. Technographics can be utilized to create effective marketing and sales campaigns for focused outreach. Breaking down your TAM can help identify new market segments.

Efficient Resource Allocation-lead scoring

Lead Scoring can include technology used as a criterion. You can utilize a company’s tech stack to determine the kind of lead and, therefore, allocate resources accordingly. For example, accounts using a specific tool are more likely to buy if easy integration is provided.

Accelerated Sales Cycles

Technographics help target qualified leads that have a high propensity to buy. Accelerate your sales cycle by prioritizing hot leads and creating compelling sales pitches to close deals quickly.

Improved Customer Retention

Actively using technographics can help you prospect quality leads. In other words, you can sell to accounts that gain a lot of value from your product. This leads to higher customer retention and satisfaction.

Use Cases for Technographic Data

Picture of SaaS Integration

SaaS Integration

If you are already selling software, you can use technographics to understand what integrations to provide.

For example, as a B2B data provider, you might want to give integrations with CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot.

Picture of SaaS Competition

SaaS Competition

Similarly, you can determine what your competitors are doing, what integrations, features, and plans they provide, and pitch to their accounts by providing better value.

Picture of Bundling Products

Bundling Products

Analyze your prospect’s tech stack to identify where you can add complementary services and features. Bundling is an excellent way to get clients to try different products, increase value and improve customer satisfaction.

Picture of ABM


You can utilize technographics in almost all parts of ABM: account identification, account intelligence, and account action plan. This is especially effective if you are a SaaS company trying to sell in an already saturated market.

Picture of Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Technographics can help analyze and determine the gaps in the SaaS market. With this analysis, you can create a new product or a feature for your industry.

Can I Get Technographic Data for Free?

Here’s how you can get accurate, actionable tech stack data for free:

Step 1 :


Sign in to your free ReachStream account. 

Navigate to the filter panel on the left and use custom company and contact filters to select your ICP. You can filter for further segmentation.

Use ReachStream's contact filters to select your ICP.
Step 2 :

View Profiles

You can select, sort, or remove contacts to refine your custom contact list. View details of your prospects by clicking the View Details icon to refine your list further.

B2B contact list

Each profile contains 20+ contact and company insights, including:

Step 3 :

Download List

Review your list by clicking on the View Selected Contacts.
When you are ready to download your list, click on Download Selected.
The list will be downloaded as a .csv file. You can easily integrate it with your CRM.

Download your B2B contact list

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