How Visual Content Benefits
B2B Companies

How Visual Content Benefits
B2B Companies

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It’s no secret that visual content is essential to appeal and engage with customers.

B2C marketers, in particular, have been able to boost traffic and lead generation with visual content. These favorable results explain why visuals are the most important form of content for B2C marketers. Compelling visuals, however, don’t have to be exclusively used by B2C companies. B2B marketers can both use and benefit from visual content as well. Examining the value of visual content and how it can be applied to B2B marketing strategies can help you and your business make smart choices.

Understanding the Value of Visuals

Marketers prefer visual content because of the impact it has on engagement. It becomes much easier to generate leads once users interact with content and engage with a brand, B2C companies have seen notable success here.

Why do consumers engage with visuals at higher rates 

The human brain processes images much quicker than it processes sentences or phrases. According to the Content Marketing Institute, visual content outranks other options because it is easy to absorb, retain, and share. They also note that visual content remains a highly-professional marketing avenue.
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Visuals convey a story. Images can elicit emotions in moments. A heartwarming photo paired with text will get an emotive reaction that would be lost without the visual.

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Visuals Give Life to B2B Products and Services

This disconnect is apparent in how they invest in social media marketing. B2B companies are more likely to rely on text-heavy platforms to communicate their value— LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are the most popular social networks in the B2B world.

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Social Media Platform B2B Markerters Use for Content Marketing Purpose (Top 6)

Much smaller percentages use more visual platforms like YouTube and Instagram to market their B2B offerings.

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This is sensible because some business services aren’t visually oriented. For instance, data collection and IT outsourcing firms might have trouble generating ideas for effective, engaging visuals.

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However, not all hope is lost for B2B companies looking to use visuals in their marketing strategies. Images and videos can creatively highlight business services.

For instance, explainer videos detailing a company’s values and processes using animation. These don’t even have to illustrate a product or a service. Slack, for example, created an explainer video that demonstrates the value of its product for employees.

There are many opportunities for B2B businesses to engage their clients using multimedia content. You can also use explainer videos to communicate the value of working for your company.

A human element has the power to bring in more engagement, and clients will place more trust in your services, so, using photos of your team as visual marketing elements can also be beneficial as it humanizes your team.

Leveraging Visual Platforms to Communicate Your Message

It’s essential to have a professional approach in the B2B world, but that doesn’t have to eliminate creativity and originality. Your company website is a great place to start. Without images to support your content on your site, it’s likely to fall flat. Implementing photos and videos into your existing website design can be transformative Visuals also fit perfectly into B2B blogs and social content. Images built into these marketing efforts could have a positive impact on engagement and brand recognition. For instance, a B2B ratings and reviews platform – Clutch uses staff member headshots as an opportunity for visual marketing. Humanizing the company, as mentioned before, increases the likelihood of engagement from social media users. The post below was made on LinkedIn, which exemplifies how visuals can make their way into professional B2B spaces.
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B2B companies need to consider which platform will effectively showcase their visual content. Your business website and LinkedIn are some of the places where images and videos will perform well.

Visual content breaks up the text and communicates the aim of surrounding information, making your content more informative. Viewers will have an easier time understanding your points that way.

To conclude

Embrace Visual Content to Boost Your B2B Content

As a company, you drive towards expanding and prospecting new target audience and what better way to market than visual content. With visual content you don’t have to compromise on your brand image.

B2B companies need to widen their horizon on the marketing front and create content that can be relatable and visually appealing to a crowd. Grow your global presence with visual content and engage your audience with your business.

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