Here’s How You Identify B2B Medical Target Audience

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Identifying a B2B medical target audience might be a challenging task. But this process will determine the fate of your healthcare marketing journey. It begins by setting up objectives and identifying your target market and is usually followed-up by efforts to find out your audience.

Healthcare Marketing Begins with Proper Targeting

Your B2B healthcare target audience will include professionals like surgeons, general physicians, nurses, pharmaceutical researchers, etc. But it is essential to be specific, accurate, and relevant when identifying your B2B medical target audience.

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Eight Essential Steps to Identify Your B2B Medical Target Audience

data strategy

1. Develop a stellar data strategy

Data strategies are an essential component in identifying customer habits and preferences. You can build a detailed Ideal Customer Persona (ICP) using it. Incomplete data, data silos, and a lack of data analytical tools pose significant challenges when crafting a data strategy.

Things to look forward to with respect to data strategies:

  • Investing in technology that employs data intelligence in marketing
  • Making use of accurate data from third-parties
target audience

2. Define your target audience

Define your B2B healthcare target audience using specific attributes. These attributes can either be technographic, demographic, psychographic, or firmographic in nature. The more specific you are in defining your ideal audience, the higher your chances are of finding them.  

Tips for identifying an accurate buyer persona:

  • Post surveys on social media channels to study your existing audience
  • Gather information from the sales team and outline a buyer persona. Most companies have 3-7 persona variations
b2b barometer

3. Segment them based on commonalities

Pick common aspects of your target audience, including factors such as professional specialization, demographic traits, experience, and psychographic differentiators. Segment them according to these categories.

Simple rules for B2B healthcare market segmentation:

  • Define your segments
  • Execute analysis and research, and then target your global audience
  • Use market-focused teams to work towards a market-focused model
target customer

4. Involving methods to measure success

For every market segment, have a plan. Your efforts must focus on the behavior you wish to capitalize on. You need tracking tools to measure your efforts. Once you achieve your target, move to the next type of customer and decipher that new segment. Follow this process every time for optimal results.

Allocating objectives to a segment and measuring its success:

  • Segment: Surgeons

  • Success measure: Number of views, shares, and downloads of that video

  • Aim: To engage with an educational video
  • New segment: Surgeons who watched the entire video at least once
healthcare communities

5. Choosing the right influencers or partners

Tap into healthcare communities and social media channels to target influencers in the healthcare niche. Research for a win-win deal with a partnering company in B2B marketing. Forming a productive partnership with companies with a higher target audience can prove to be extremely fruitful when it comes to finding your target audience.

Fixing Your Healthcare Marketing Challenges Become Easy

strategic contact

6. Building a strategic contact plan

Developing a strategic contact plan is necessary before you set-out to target your audience. A strategic contact plan is a set course of actions of a segment’s particular situation. You should prepare a detailed outline on how to target your customers. Whether you are going to rely on social media, or opt for content, is something that you need to decide. It will allow you to measure the response of your target audience online.

competitor anaylsis

7. Research competitor strategies

Market competition can teach you the best lessons on how to identify your target audience. Do your research on how your competitors use their resources to identify and target their audience. This will give you an idea about where to start and what to put in place.

targeting techniques marketing

8. Experimenting targeting techniques

You should apply various targeting techniques to maximize your brand’s impact. There are many types of targeting techniques, which can be further elucidated as:

  • Contextual: Providing messages relevant to a particular topic search
  • List matching or authentication: Acquiring a target email list from third-party data vendors
  • Retargeting: Continue targeting after the first attempt of contact with your target audience
  • Behavioral: Delivering content to those who showed interest in your product

  • Profile or registration: Connecting with people who have shared their information with you

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Identifying your audience is the first step to gaining a higher customer retention rate. Without knowing who your target audience is, all your marketing efforts will be futile. Identify your market, target them, and grow in the healthcare industry!

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