How to Prove and Improve Social Media ROI

Social Media ROI
How to Prove and Improve Social Media ROI

As a social media marketer, you understand that social media platforms bring value to your company or organization. But the question is can you measure the return on investment of your social media marketing efforts. However, sometimes determining the investment return becomes difficult, but you can you an online calculator to measure the returns of social media networks. Usually, social return on investments can often be tricky to prove. In this guidepost, we will show you some tips & tools such as ROI free online calculator that can help you to prove & improve social return on investment.

Social Media ROI Definition:

ROI is the acronym of “Return On Investment” and on social media platforms ROI represents the return on investment from your social media website activities. In general, return on investment from the social networks is said to be a measure of all your social media actions that creates value and it is divided by the investment, which you have made to get those actions. What’s the return after putting in the time, money, and resources. Here is a simple formula, you can use to calculate ROI for social media platforms.

Value / investment (people hours, ad budget, etc.) X 100 = social media ROI percentage

If you are not good at calculation by hand then, you Can consider the free online calculator by

How to measure social media ROI for business:

The social media ROI for business is calculated depending on your organization’s objective such as revenue, customer satisfaction, brand awareness, etc. This is the reason that why the above formula uses the value instead of using revenue, and profit as the starting point. For instance, Johnsonville Sausages extensive social listening program so, they use social media to get insights into what type of new products they should be developing.

Instead of using the financial calculation, they base the return on investment of their social media account listening efforts on how much information they can share along with the product manufacturing team. The calculated value used by them is in the intelligence gathered instead of sales or revenues. Here’s how you can calculate social media return on investment for your business.

measure social media ROI for business
  • Define your social media handles objectives.
  • After defining the objectives, you need to set your goals.
  • Track the social media platforms metrics to know whether you are meeting your goals & achieving objectives.
  • After tracking the metrics, you need to understand your investment on social networks to check whether the returns are good or not and then create a detailed report on ROI.

If you are confused about the manual calculation then, you can use a calculator online that can help you in calculating the returns on investment.

Social media ROI tools

Social media ROI tools

Now, you understand that the logic behind measuring tye social returns, here are some of the tools that can make the whole process easier.

Social ROI Free online calculator:

You can use the online calculator to determine the return of your social media network campaign investment. You can use this calculator to measure the returns of paid & organic marketing campaigns. You just need to plug the values into the designated sections of the tool and it will do all the calculations for you by giving you the ROI in the form of a percentage.
Google Analytics

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics a free online tool that helps you to tracks traffic of your website, sign-ups from social network campaigns, and conversions. It allows you to go beyond the actions & track the values of your social campaigns over a specific time by tracking and creating the funnel conversions.


Finally, now you know how to calculate the return on investment of your social media platforms by using a calculator online. But in this article, the focus is to discuss that how to prove and improve social media network’s return on investment. Some tools to calculate the social returns is also taken into account.

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