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Audiences these days, be it in the B2B or B2C sectors, rely much on social media when it comes to connecting with businesses.

Social networks allow consumers to acquire information about a company or a product/service they offer.

For instance, if a consumer wants to connect with a tech firm, they type “tech firm” into the search bar of any social channels.The channel then provides a list of registered ‘tech firms’ along with their reviews, summaries and much more.

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Social media search is evolving fast.

The relevance of a social media search, along with its accuracy is much like that of premium search engines. Right from consumers to companies, everyone is turning to social media when it comes to looking for businesses or obtaining information on the same.

However, many businesses have one question that bothers them all – how do we appear at the top of a social media channel’ search?
Well, the answer is the keywords!

Since social media keywords help you rank higher, your chances of getting found increases drastically. 

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Track popular trends on social networks

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Determine search frequency for a particular topic/word  

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To understand the interest of your consumers  

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Identify the latest demands

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Discover more prospects and engage with them better

  • Track popular trends on social networks  
  • Determine search frequency for a particular topic/word  
  • To understand the interest of your consumers  
  • Identify the latest demands  
  • Discover more prospects and engage with them better

But aren’t all keywords the same? 

On the ground level, SEO keywords and SMO keywords might appear the same. Most marketers believe that the same set of keywords applies to both. However, upon closer expansion, you will find a rather contrasting picture. Obtaining keywords for search engines and researching for social media keywords are not the same. They’re quite different actually.

Some reasons are:

  1. The type of query you make on social media is quite different from the one you make on a search engine.
  2. Your customer’s behavior differs as well. In fact, your customer’s behavior can change according to the social media platform they are using.
  3. While search engine keywords are more query-related, social media keywords are all about initiating conversation.

Keep in mind though that, social media keyword research varies from one platform to another.  So, what might work on Facebook might not be as effective on YouTube. With that, let’s find out how to conduct social media keyword  research for three of the most popular B2B social media platforms.

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Platform #1: Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world, with over 2 billion users. When it comes to the ecosystems of social media, Facebook has its very own vast faction.

Due to its magnanimous user base, the platform serves-up interested and engaged audiences to businesses from around the world.

Ideal for pay-per-click advertisers and content producers, Facebook has become a recurring name in the vocabulary of social media marketers.

In a more traditional sense, Facebook doesn’t offer keyword research; however, it can be a starting point for the searching of keywords.

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Platform #2: Twitter

Digital marketers love Twitter.  This platform gets as niche as possible and allows marketers to make connections in real-time. In fact, most marketers refer to Twitter as the “firehose” of data.

Over the years, Twitter updated its internal search algorithms; doing this has made it easier to find relevant content.  Hashtags (#) have always been an essential tool to track conversations on this platform.

Over time,identifying trending topics on Twitter has also become an easier task.Analytics offers invaluable insights into each keyword. Right from, how to leverage these for greater reach to related interests of your target audience, Twitter allows marketers to conduct thorough social media keyword research.

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Platform #3: LinkedIn

Linkedin is the first name that comes to mind when conducting B2B marketing campaigns.

What helps companies get noticed on this platform is by talking about keywords. LinkedIn’s algorithm recognizes the most commonly used keywords and proposes connections based on them.

When researching for social media keywords on LinkedIn, you can customize your search by using a plethora of filters.

Through demographics, company type, location, and even firmographics, LinkedIn offers a wide range of filters.

You can even type in a single word to get suggestions related to the most common phrases. You can narrow your search by adding relevant keywords to your company’s description as well.

To Conclude

Social media keyword research is integral to design a successful marketing campaign. If you want to engage your customers and win more prospects, social media is a necessity. And to win on social media, you need keywords. What works for on a search engine might not be relevant for social media platforms.

Thus, begin your research forsocial media keywords.
Leverage each social media platform to find suitable keywords that make targeting your prospects an easier endeavor. Social media is a massive platform that allows you to grow your business.

Use it right, and you will witness unprecedented growth. For more posts like these related to social media, Subscribe to our blog today! Have you found this post useful?If so, share it with your friends, family and neighbors via social media. Know more ways on how to conduct thorough social media keyword research?Let us know in the comment section below.

Rachel was a former journalist who found her true calling as a content editor at ReachStream. Her previous experiences have allowed her to develop strong organizational skills and excellent research expertise. Rachel loves traveling when not whipping-up a storm in the kitchen.

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