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Plotting-out your healthcare strategies and planning your healthcare journey are two different ball games altogether. First, you plan your goals, objectives, vision, challenges, budget, and trends. Then, you figure your strategies out.

A strategy does not come first. It is the step you take before you execute your campaign’s goals.

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A Healthcare marketer woke up and said, “OMG, I had a dream.”

“Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning”, -Gloria Steinem, Co-founder of Ms. Magazine. 

Fret-not, if it is your dream to achieve a record ROI. Your dream will become a vision. This vision morphs into a goal. Goals converge into a plan. A plan translates into action. And action is what will make that very same dream, a reality.

To make plans that work well with action, you need a solid strategy. Once you analyze your specific goals, i.e., target audience, resources, and budgets, you enter the planning phase of your healthcare strategy.

Here is an example of how a dental firm increased its B2B Healthcare Leads with an actionable healthcare strategy. Based on their goal, they planned a paid search strategy, which then allowed them to reap favorable results. The execution of the plan needs a professional touch. Hence, we have designed a FREE template  for you that highlights every aspect of planning your healthcare campaign.

Before delving deep into the topic, here is an example that will motivate you just about right.

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An inspiring example

Planning strategy for paid search campaigns- United Concordia Dental

Challenge and objective:

United Concordia sold dental benefits to employers of all sorts of numbers. They sold it through healthcare insurance brokers. They wanted to acquire more customers. So, they planned a new paid search campaign strategy to engage the insurance brokers.  

How they cracked it:

United Concordia attracted brokers by focusing on one product. They conducted a broader brand positioning strategy. Their site had interactive content covering brand narrative, wellness offerings, and inquiry data. It attracted qualified brokers and employers with custom landing page experience.  


30 days post campaign completion, they received seven active high-value prospects. They invited these prospects to a finalist presentation. Converting just one of the seven would ensure a higher ROI.  

Lesson to be learnt:

The following campaign stresses the importance of planning healthcare strategies. United Concordia implemented a paid search strategy with interactive content and a custom landing page. It worked out for them.  

Here are the most effective ways to plan your b2b healthcare strategies like a pro:

The example mentioned above is just one of the ways you should plan your healthcare strategies. Be a pro.  

Lend the planning of your healthcare strategies a professional touch. It is more crucial to know how a professional healthcare marketer should plan his/her approach.  

Plan your b2b healthcare strategies like a pro with the following steps:

  • Content strategy specific to a buyer persona
  • ABM-Unique strategy for different healthcare buying cycles
  • Customer experience – The pivotal focus
  • Make an impact with influencer marketing and thought leadership
  • Create valuable links with LinkedIn
  • Mobile-first approach 
  • Healthcare b2b database

Content strategy specific to a buyer persona

B2b healthcare campaigns demand a particular plan of content for each buyer persona. Your customers may be a general physician, a surgeon, a dentist, or even a psychiatrist. You must learn to retain your customers using interactive content.

Hospitals mostly have purchasing committees. These buying committees decide on all things related to b2b purchases. The first step you take must be to prepare a buyer persona and map their journey. Your content strategy must depend on each unit of your target audience.

Ex: Content that’s constructed for a general physician may not suit the needs of a surgeon.

Plan your strategies and run personalized healthcare campaigns with this free template

ABM – Unique Strategy for different healthcare buying cycles

It takes eight months on an average to close a b2b healthcare sales cycle. B2b healthcare marketers could market only 43 percent of sales in the first six months. This is just an approximation.Healthcare buying cycles are typically longer than that.

Ex: Content that’s targeted at a dentist for lead nurturing is entirely different from that meant for retargeting content.

Customer experience- The pivotal focus

Most healthcare B2B buyers expect B2C customer experience. They demand a unified and consistent experience across all channels. Omni-channel functionality is in high demand these days.

A healthcare b2b buyer would wish to move from a chat to phone calls quickly. He/she starts an interaction via chat. But he/she may want to continue the conversation via a mobile call.

Coordinating a personalized interaction across all the channels is the key. Hence, plan your customer experience strategies through various channels.

Do you want to conduct a personalized healthcare campaign?

Plan your strategies to improve your customer experience. Become a maestro at being a healthcare strategist by clicking here.

Make an impact with influencer marketing and thought leadership

Influencer marketing and thought leadership work well with b2b healthcare. Healthcare is a distant subject to most audiences. Utilizing the services of influencers and thought leaders is the best way to improve credibility.  

It is an understood fact that you look for influencers with a more engaged audience rather than a broader audience. If a doctor has a positive experience with a particular brand, then it will be more than likely that the brand’s purchase levels will subsequently increase.

Things to keep in mind when gaining influencers

  • Analyze the influencer’s expertise on the subject
  • Select suitable media channels for marketing your services
  • Can turn technical content into engaging content for best results

Create valuable links with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most effective way of connecting with healthcare professionals. It is evident that the number of healthcare professionals grew by 30 percent in 2013, according to LinkedIn marketing solutions.

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Make good use of sponsored updates to reach out to high-value accounts. Sponsored updates showcase you to target your audience within the confines of specific parameters.  

LinkedIn is the best tool to target the pain points of healthcare professionals. You can use it to segment your list and generate personalized content.  

Mobile-first strategy

B2b healthcare professionals have already moved towards a mobile-first approach.
60 percent of Physicians’ Emails opened on a mobile device.

Things to focus on when trying to achieve a seamless mobile experience

  • Size
  • Placement
  • The text of their call to actions
  • Content optimized for smaller mobile screens
  • Images for slower and quicker mobile networks 
  • Designing email pages from the mobile mentality
  • Personalized and interactive digital experience  

Healthcare professionals have also started to use mobile apps for clinical decisions. According to a study conducted by IMS in 2013, there were more than 43,000 mobile apps. 3, 25,000 mobile health apps were available in 2017. Mobile health apps rose by 78,000 during 2017-2018.

Hence, it is essential to plan your mobile-first plans for healthcare strategies. Mobile-optimized SEO and voice-friendly content can give you a higher Search engine ranking. Most of the SEO strategists are re-thinking their approach to a mobile-friendly and voice-friendly one

Healthcare b2b database

72 percent of medical b2b buyers start with a search before reaching out to the vendors. – HITMC, 2019 (Health IT Marketing Conference)

If you are looking to reach a wider and responsive audience, then healthcare database is the right approach. Healthcare marketers highly demand a responsive, relevant and updated healthcare list.

An accurate healthcare database would enhance your promotion and reputation in the market.

Bonus tip:
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Planning healthcare strategies requires you to have an insight into future trends. These elements are designed to make you more proficient as a healthcare marketer. The more well-prepared you are, the more likely your marketing dreams become a reality.

To make your healthcare marketing strategy easy to design, we have designed this FREE template. Download it now and become a pro-strategy maker.

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