Social Media Campaign Calendar

– Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,
Twitter [Free Template]
Social Media Campaign Calendar

Keep up with your online audience using our all-in-one social media campaign calendar template. Create strategic social media plans that are precise to the dot. No last-minute posts, no disjointed content, no vague goals.

Print this out for your team or use it in a digital format to keep track of all your social media plans in one file.

Why You Need a Social Media Campaign Calendar

Curious What’s Inside? Take a Peek!

How to Use This Social Media Campaign Calendar Template


There are 5 spreadsheets inside this calendar. Use the campaigns spreadsheet to list your campaigns by the stage of product or project development.

List activities within each campaign along with primary goals and KPIs.

Social media campaign calendar


The next four calendars correspond to each of the social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Feel free to duplicate a template for more social platforms.


Each calendar is divided into weeks to help you optimize content ideas based on the weekday.

Facebook calendar


Enter the date, time, content idea or the post name or an identifier, and attach a link to the file containing the full post content. Add the campaign name and add links for design assets for your post.

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