steps before digital marketing campaign

Steps to Take Before Launching a
Digital Marketing Campaign

Steps to Take Before Launching a
Digital Marketing Campaign


You’re a new player in the B2B industry and want to make your business successful. Well, you have your toil cut out for you. The constant thought of having to reach out to people who might be interested in your products and services can ruin your peace of mind. You must market to a wider range of individuals to segment your niche.

Therefore, you need to keep abreast with current affairs and be aware of various ideas being implemented across various digital marketing campaigns.

Let’s get straight to understanding the role of digital marketing in any business. What is a digital marketing campaign?

What is a digital marketing campaign?

A digital marketing campaign is an online marketing effort put forward by a company to drive engagement, leads or conversions, traffic, or revenue. It has certain criteria


An initiative/planning

time duration

A timeline/duration

specific budget

A specific budget


The desired outcome/goals

Which is the best way to grow your brand awareness?

    1. Email marketing2. Cold calling3. Influencer marketing

    Now that we have highlighted these insights, let’s move on to detailing steps that will help in constructing an impactful digital marketing strategy:


    Set your objectives and stick to it

    An organization needs to have a well-defined mission. Your campaigns should act as roadmaps that allow you to achieve this mission.

    Set and measure your Key Performance Indicatives. What is your goal? Identify the numbers that you want to achieve through your digital marketing campaign strategy. If your mission is measurable, your team will feel motivated and will aim to achieve those numbers that have been set. At the same time, doing so will help you avoid setting preposterous expectations; and that which is not achievable can be eliminated.

    set objectives
    objects to upscale your business

    Set your SMART

    objective to upscale your business

    Know and identify your target audience

    identify target auduiance

    Planning and strategizing are priorities for any business, but not catering to your target audience simultaneously, is never a good thing. You must cater to your audiences’ emotional needs as this is crucial for your digital marketing goals to achieve fruition.

    Is it possible to keep your audience engaged all the time?


    Keep your audience’s buyer personas in mind. Collect all the demographics you can get your hands on – age, gender, location, education, income, job title, etc.

    Once this is done, dig deeper, what are the problems, desires, goals, fears of your prospects, and jot down how they can be addressed by you.

    Access the contact

    details of your target audience today!

    target audiance

    Set your marketing campaign budget

    Often, allocating a budget is the first step. However, it works better when you have your target personas identified. This way you know and understand who will buy your product or service and will be in a better position to market. 

    Define your digital marketing budget. Look at your data – Did you get low quality leads when you chose to be a little tight-fisted with your budget? Did you get better leads when you marketed at a higher cost? Allocate specific budgets for different campaigns on different channels.

    You also must dedicate a certain amount of your budget to be used on revisiting strategies. It’s always good to find out which channel will produce the most optimal results.

    digital marketing budget

    Design your campaigning content

    design of campaigning content

    Your content should sell your product in a subtle manner. Your content is what lands you your leads. It is the bread in your bakery, and you should market to sell it when hot.

    Ask yourself what you want to sell as a marketer? Apart from selling a product or a service, you sell the benefits that a customer will gain from it. For example, if you are selling a hair straightener, you would sell the idea of how beautiful straight hair looks. Also, use words that connect with the audience, like you and yours and never me or mine. Your content should be more customer-focused and customer-centric.

    Use Call-to-Action buttons and follow the basics of SEO. This is for individuals who are most likely to follow through with an action and become leads. If you create a content marketing campaign, choose to market a video or an eBook to drive better results.

    Right from content for SEO to landing pages

    Everything you need to know about content marketing

    content marketing pdf

    Choose your channels right

    No “single-channel fits all businesses” type of deal available. Each business type is unique and requires its own strategic digital campaign plan. Where you market, depends entirely on where your target audience is and what your marketing budget is. 

    The most common mediums are social media platforms, events, trade shows, online advertisements, print media, digital media, radio, and direct mailing. But, if you are a more prominent company with a larger budget, you can opt to use TV and live publicity mediums.

    choose your chennels right

    Doing your research to see what mediums suit your budget will help in the long run.

    A tidbit of advice –


    Now that you have gotten these precursors to give you a better insight into how to effectively plan a digital marketing campaign, revisit your old strategies and improve upon them. Remember, change is inevitable and a constant at present and for the future, in the world of digital marketing. And what we have done here is to give you a broad outline to help you craft your strategies to perfection. Wait no more, start strategizing.

    Grab your guide for marketing strategies and tips now. It’s time for you to take your business to new heights. If you enjoyed this article, kindly do share it and feel free to leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

    Evangeline is a content writer and strategist at ReachStream, who believes that words and expression complete a person. An enthusiastic reader, she loves to spend time learning more about different cultures.

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