What are Warm Leads
and How to Generate & Nurture Them

How to generate warm lead

All warm leads are potential business. The goal of every sales and marketing team is to pass as many warm leads as possible through the customer journey into its final stages: purchase and retention.

Did you know the businesses see a 20% more surge in sales when they take the time to nurture their warm leads than businesses that don’t? You don’t want to pass up on the opportunities that warm leads present, not just as a potential sale but also in terms of referrals, long-term relationship building, and eventual conversion.

In this article, we’ll delve into warm leads, how to generate them, how to build and maintain a list of warm leads, and strategies to identify, nurture and close warm leads.

What is a Warm Lead?

what is a warm lead

A warm lead is a person or company that has shown interest in your product or service by interacting with your brand online. Prospects may express their interest by requesting more information and engaging with your brand online or offline.

Positive intent signals from warm leads are an indicator of their receptiveness to your offerings. Since they have already shown interest, they are more likely to convert into customers. Nurturing warm leads creates a direct impact on your business through higher conversion rates and improved sales performance.

Some examples of warm leads include people that have signed up to newsletters, downloaded whitepapers, attended webinars, or requested product demos, indicating levels of interest and engagement. 

Warm leads can be people who:

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Follow you on social media

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Subscribe to your newsletter 

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Have filled out a form in your website 

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Have requested a demo 

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Have downloaded your content (e.g. eBooks, guides, or other resources) 

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Website visitors with higher session times

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Website visitors with high-intent on-page activity (e.g. viewing your plans & pricing page) 

The distinctions between warm leads, cold leads, qualified leads, and hot leads tells you important things you need to know about your prospects’ interests and intent levels. You can use this information to allocate resources and create effective sales strategies.

Now let’s look at some common phrases you’d hear in association to leads.

Warm Leads

Have demonstrated interest and engagement with your brand or offerings. 

Cold Leads
Lack prior engagement and may require more effort to convert.
Warm Leads

Show interest but may need further qualification to ensure they align with your ideal customer profile.

Qualified Leads

Meet specific criteria indicating their suitability as potential customers. 

Warm Leads

Require additional nurturing before reaching a high level of intent to purchase. 

Hot Leads 

Are ready to make a purchase soon. 

When it comes to identifying warm leads through strategic marketing efforts, the sky (and your own creativity) is the limit.

But some tried and tested methods for identifying and generating warm leads include:

Email Marketing

  • Start an engaging drip campaign to test your audience’s response and gauge interest.

  • Use targeted and personalized email campaigns to nurture leads in the right direction.

  • Offer valuable segment-specific content and product updates that might be of interest to an ideal prospect.

Social Media Marketing

  • Roll out engaging content, reels, stories, and social media campaigns to attract interest customers.

  • Look in the comments, DMs, story and reel views and enquiries to find warm social media leads.

  • Include links to key pages including product, plans and pricing pages.

Customer Relationship Management 

  • Utilize CRM systems to track customer interactions and engagement.

  • Use lead scoring features to separate warm leads from the cold leads.

  • Target warm leads with personalized automated engagement.

Chatbots and Live Chat 

  • Implement automated chat systems to engage website visitors.

  • Identify warm leads through real-time interactions.

Landing Pages and Opt-in Forms

  • Design landing pages with a logical flow that leads to compelling call-to-actions (CTAs).

  • Think like a visitor! What information would you need and what CTA might lead you to it?

  • Use opt-in forms on your pages to capture contact information of warm leads.


  • Host informative events to attract individuals that are interested in your product or industry at a deeper level.
Generate warm leads with referrals

Your existing connections and customers are often the best source for organic, warm leads.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are associated with trust, credibility and alignment of preferences, making referrals are a powerful way to attract, nurture and close warm leads. A lead that comes through a referral is more likely to convert and engage positively with your brand.

A critical part of using referrals to attract warm leads to ensure that you have the best customer service throughout the buyer’s journey to capture loyal customers who then become powerful channels for lead generation.

Your customers already know your product, are well-fit for your brand, and understand the way you do business. Whoever they refer your product or service to are then also likely to be well-matched prospects with a higher likelihood of converting.

This is more so the case when you consider that today, people rely on reviews published online through various channels to make their purchasing decisions. Trust built through positive reviews from first-hand experiences works faster than an advertisement that you can pay for.

And the best part? It’s all organic.

How to Secure Warm Leads through Referrals 

For instance, ReachStream offers up to 2000 extra download credits to current users for successful referral of a ReachStream plan. This lets users build custom lists of up to 5000 leads in a single month! Non-users on ReachStream’s Affiliate Program can also benefit from successful referrals by earning a recurring 10% on every month of subscription.

While most warm leads come through organic searches, there are several considerations that might lead you to buy warm leads.

Buying warm leads has its pros and cons.

  • Immediate access to potential customers.
  • Time-saving compared to building lists from scratch.
  • Quality may vary, leading to potential mismatches.
  • Cold outreaching to warm leads may not be as effective as nurturing organic leads.

However, with advances in digital analytics, you can now find warm leads through reliable B2B data providers with expertise in finding warm leads, lead intent signals, leads data accuracy, and more.

This leaves you to simply buy, engage and nurture warm leads.

If you’re looking to build or buy a list of warm leads to generate new pipelines, some B2B data providers like ReachStream lets you build custom lists using its database platforms.

Build Custom Lists of Warm Leads Using ReachStream

ReachStream is a B2B prospecting data platform that lets you use custom filters to search and build prospecting lists in 400+ industries globally.

You can build and export lists of up to 5000 warm leads in just 3 steps. To get started, sign up for ReachStream freemium. This is a free monthly plan that lets you download 25 leads every month.

Step 1 – Use Custom Filters 

Sign in to your ReachStream account.

Use custom contact and company filters in the left filter panel to select your ideal customer criteria. Filter with further segmentation criteria for targeted results.

Build list of warm leads using ReachStream's custom filters

Step 2 – View Contacts & Companies

From the search results, select contact or company profiles that match your ICPs to create segmented prospects lists. View their information by selecting the View Details icon.  

Create your prospecting lists with ReachStream

Step 3 – Export Your List 

View your list by going to View Selected Contacts. Click on Download Selected and your list will be downloaded in an XLS file. Import all 20+ data attributes to your CRM software.  

Download your prospecting list.

What information will you get with ReachStream?  

On ReachStream’s platform, you can view unlimited contacts and company profiles. Each profile contains 20+ contact and company insights including:
ReachStream is the best sales prospecting software.

Lists downloaded from ReachStream are enriched with all 20+ data attributes to help you created targeted sales and marketing outreach strategies.

Closing warm leads requires a personalized and timely approach. Understand their needs, address concerns, and provide the necessary information to guide them through the purchase decision. 

Factors Driving Success for Closing Warm Leads

Personalized Engagement  

Start a campaign to engage warm leads at different stages of the sales funnel. Use their responses to segment them for further sales engagement.  

Tailored Messaging  

Find your warm leads where they are. Whether it’s social media or email communication, tailor your messages to the specific interests of each lead. 

Direct Outreach 

Whether it’s cold calls or emails and depending on the type of lead (for instance, if they’re decision-makers), direct outreaching is more likely to build further interest or even close deals.  

Timely Follow-Up 

Keep a direct open line for prompt responses to inquiries and follow up on your call/email at strategic intervals and with the right message. 

Education and Information 

Your sales reps should provide clear and detailed information to help leads make informed decisions and open up further dialogue for inquiries. 

Offer Incentives

And finally, provide exclusive offers or incentives to encourage warm leads to take the next step. 

Effectively managing warm leads is integral to a successful sales strategy and has a direct impact on your conversion rates. Start building lists of warm leads for free today.

ReachStream Freemium is a free monthly plan that gives you access to ReachStream’s extensive database of 22M+ contacts and companies. Get all premium features on this free plan including advanced API access for developers.

Freemium $0 / month

What is a warm lead in PR? 

A warm lead in public relations refers to an individual or organization that has shown genuine interest in a company’s messaging, events, or offerings, indicating a higher likelihood of positive engagement. 

A warm lead in the real estate industry is a potential buyer or seller who has demonstrated a genuine interest in a property, often by expressing specific criteria or actively participating in property viewings. 

Warm lead generation involves identifying and nurturing potential customers who have already shown interest in a product or service. It focuses on building relationships with prospects who are more likely to convert due to their demonstrated engagement. 

Engaging warm leads involves personalized communication, providing relevant information based on their expressed interests, offering exclusive deals or incentives, and maintaining a consistent and timely follow-up to address their specific needs, building a relationship that enhances the likelihood of conversion. 

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