5 tips to build email list

5 Tips to Build a Smarter Email List in 2019 Let’s begin with what an email list is, in the first place. Simply put, an email list is an email database of subscribers that a business establishes through various lead-generating campaigns. This is done to grow and expand upon that business’ directory of potential customers for obvious reasons, of course.  If you already have an email marketing database in place, brilliant! But, that very same database is constantly at risk of being depreciated.  Yes, by 22.5% each year to be precise. And that can’t be good. Well, it isn’t, irrespective of the reasons why.  A surprisingly large number of folks tend to change their email addresses regularly. Whether it’s just to opt-out of your email communication, a change of employers perhaps or just to terminate an old email address that they would have strictly used to fill out forms on…

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