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ACTIONS TO TAKE – Post the Acquisition of New Leads Get yours now! Lead generation is a long, tedious process. It’s tempting to sit back and relax once you’ve managed to generate leads, thinking that your job is done. But such complacency could cost your organization valuable leads, deals and eventually revenue. As sales reps, it’s important to be proactive. Many salespeople can come across as being a bit passive and tend to act but a moment too late. As a result, deals fall apart quicker than a house of cards, and annual business goals continue to remain a distant pipedream. Research has indicated that salespeople are guilty of insufficient planning. A well-structured plan that’s organized efficiently can work wonders for your business. But, creating an effective strategy is a task that is easier said than done. Fret-not! To help you effectively plan yours, we at ReachStream have created a…

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Post the Acquisition of New Leads INTRODUCTION Generating traffic and clicks through your email campaigns and CTAs might feel good, but it can be misleading. New leads showing a level of interest in your content doesn’t mean that they will buy from you. No reasonable customer would decide to make a purchase unless they’ve evaluated all possible options. This is where you, the sales rep, comes in. Depending on how convincing, compelling, and trustworthy you are, the tide will turn in or against your favor. This infographic provides information on steps you should take after you’ve captured new leads, to convert them into satisfied, paying customers. We’ve also included free templates you can implement as part of your own sales strategy. Unable to reply to queries in a timely manner? Automation can change that forever Know how Communicate Immediately When you receive a new lead, respond immediately. Most new leads…

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