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Generating traffic and clicks through your email campaigns and CTAs might feel good, but it can be misleading. New leads showing a level of interest in your content doesn’t mean that they will buy from you.

No reasonable customer would decide to make a purchase unless they’ve evaluated all possible options. This is where you, the sales rep, comes in.

Depending on how convincing, compelling, and trustworthy you are, the tide will turn in or against your favor.

This infographic provides information on steps you should take after you’ve captured new leads, to convert them into satisfied, paying customers.

We’ve also included free templates you can implement as part of your own sales strategy.

generating new leads

Unable to reply to queries in a timely manner? Automation can
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sales strategy step - 1

Communicate Immediately

Responding in less than an hour makes you 7  times more likelier to get in touch with decision-makers.
But only 36% of companies respond within that time-frame. If your sales development process isn’t happening as quickly as you thought, it could be that you’re just not communicating swiftly enough.

sales strategy step - 2

Segment your Lists

The former is 4-10 times more likelier to receive a favorable response than the latter.

It’s all comes down to the fact that, segmentation gives your prospects (new leads) a more personalized experience. This helps them better understand the relevance of your products and services.

sales strategy step - 3

Educate your Audience

Send your new leads content that tackles the issues many of them face. Track their behavior online and find out their interests. Using this information, you will be in a better position to segment your audience accordingly. Then, send them messages that target those very same interests.

Make sure you subtly lure them onto your landing pages with relevant information, call-to-action buttons, and links to other relevant material.

sales strategy step - 4

Solve your Prospects’ Problems

New leads contact you with a problem of theirs and expects you to solve it. If you’re able to do that efficiently, that’s one less reason for them not to invest in your business. Send them regular content that addresses an issue that they may be facing and pitch your solutions to them.

This will leave them with the impression you care about their experiences, and this can sway their decision to make a purchase, in your favor.

sales strategy step - 5

Industry Trend Knowledge Hub

Keep your subscribers and new leads in the loop by letting them know about the latest news and trends of your respective industry.
It’s an excellent tool for building engagement while establishing yourself as a credible source of information.
Take further advantage of this information by adding your own strategical inputs with respect to specific industry changes.
As a result, you’ll be able to wear different hats – the messenger, the consultant, and even that of the expert.

sales strategy step - 6

Pay Attention to Customer
Experience (CX)

CX has never been as vital as it is now, and for a good reason.
This always increases the pressure applied on your business to deliver.
Discover the pain points of your customer’s journey and investigate the best ways by which you can solve them.
A good CX will earn you recommendations and endorsements, while simultaneously converting prospective leads and building a loyal base of future customers.
It’s the most organic way to boost your sales development process.


It’s never as easy as it seems.

These disappointing numbers are down to incompetence, not a challenging environment.

Customers continue to show that they’re willing to make a purchase from and endorse a brand that cares about them.

Let them know that you do and that you’re here to stay.

Keep your new leads abreast with the latest in news and trends. Pinpoint their problems and show them how you can help them deal with it.

If you adhere to the points mentioned above, you will witness new leads beginning to trickle down your sales funnel. Your sales development process will happen at a quicker pace than before.

Watch on as they soon convert into customers who are glad to pay for your products and services. It’s time you begin increasing your ROI through effective demand generation.

generating new leads

An established author and former B2B content marketer, Joseph has been around long enough to see content marketing grow from a buzzword to an industry. Currently a freelancer, he also plays an advisory role with ReachStream’s content team. During his time off, he enjoys a quiet day by the beach with his three dogs.

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