content marketing for lead generation

Content Marketing for Lead Generation:A Definitive Guide(2019) Content Marketing for Lead Generation: A Definitive Guide (2019) is a phrase that fairly affirms  the relevance of content marketing in today’s convoluted digital marketing landscape.  “88% of B2B marketers invest in creating custom content marketing strategies. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing while generating 3x more leads.” When it comes to generating leads, content marketing might not be the first strategy that comes to the mind of the average marketer. However, the effectiveness of content marketing has left no room for doubt, that it does indeed form the crux of marketing. Be it SEO or social media, email or landing pages, no digital marketing channel for lead generation is complete without content. Hence, the significance of content marketing. Unfortunately, many marketers find it difficult to distinguish between content that doesn’t work and content that creates the right impact when it comes…

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