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B2B Social Media Marketing Strategies to Generate Quality Leads Table of Content Introduction 1. Choose the Right Platform 2. Tweak Your Profile 3. Listen to Your Connections 4. Gate Your Content 5. Create a Buyer Persona 6. Organize Contests and Free Trials Conclusion Introduction Did you know? 76% of all Americans who are on the internet have at least one social media profile. (Click to tweet) That’s nearly 250 million people! If you are a marketer, social media helps you reach a larger pool of prospects in a shorter period when compared to any other channel. Lead generation was once an exhaustive and often futile process. Now, the resources required to generate leads are reliant on real-time communication. And what’s more, your leads are the ones who initiate contact with you, and not the other way round! Despite this, B2B marketers are reluctant to embrace social media marketing. Their hesitation…

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