The Top 35 Sales Blogs
Worth Your Time 

If you are reading this blog, chances are, you probably are on the look-out for valid sales blogs that can help you upgrade your sales knowledge.


There are tons of sales blogs that exist on the internet. Now, whether they are capable of helping you groom yourself to be a better sales professional is a different question altogether. These blogs talk about marketing and sales, encompassing current trends, strategies and more.

Numerous studies have shown that “Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information”.

So, what is holding sales professionals back? Studies conducted by Statista have shown that “The Number of Bloggers are expected to reach 31.7 million by 2020?”. Yes, that many! This also raises the question of credibility. How many of these blogs will be able to point you in the right professional direction?

With so much to choose from, it is quite possible for you to not make the right choice.

We are here to help you with that problem.

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Here are the top 35 sales blogs that will be worth your time.

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Target: – Sales Managers, Sales Professionals, Executive.
Everything a sales professional should know from subject line construction to lead generation, including recent statistics are available on HubSpot’s Sales Blogs.


Target: – Sales Representatives.

A social selling platform that every sales professional should follow to stay up-to-date on topics such as social selling news and techniques,  universal sales best practices and more.


Target: – Marketers, Inbound Sales Professionals .
Heinz Marketing publishes sales blogs on B2B sales and marketing insights every day. These sales blogs will give sales professionals insights about content strategies,  marketing technologies and more


Target: – Sales Professionals.
SalesLoft’s sales blogs provides informative and descriptive content about sales marketing, management, engagement and much more; all in the form of blogs, infographics, and videos.


Target: – Sales Marketers, Sales Executives.
The rigid software space G2 Crowd also has a solid sales blog section for those who need to grow their business. 


Target: – Sales Representatives, Sales Managers. 
Salesfolk is a great platform for a sales professional to learn about marketing strategies, cold emails, sales management and more.   


Target: – Sales Representatives.
Sales Gravy provides informative sales blogs about sales and marketing that every sales professional should read.


Target: – Sales Professionals.
John Barrows shares his valuable experience and knowledge through  sales  blogs  and  vlogs  for  sales professionals.

Blogs worth your time:- 


Target: – Sales Representatives  .
Jill Konrath is a B2B sales expert. Her sales blogs will give sales professionals a clear cut idea about sales strategies.

Blogs worth your time:- 


Target: – Sale Managers.
Rekener BizOps Blog is a great learning hub for sales managers who aspire to become CRO’s.


Target: – Sales Professionals.
Predictable Revenue delves into outbound marketing topics with a sense of authority speaking. They are all about teaching sales professionals how to increase sales using various strategies.


Target: – Sales Representatives.
Marc Wayshak is the founder of Sales Strategy Academy.  He shares knowledge and tips through his sales blogs. He use short video along with content to make sure that the idea effectively sinks in.


Target: – Sales Professionals.
Sales Benchmarking Index mainly focuses on sales and marketing alignments in the form of sales blogs, articles, videos, and podcasts. 


Target: – Sales Representatives.
The smart calling blog offers tips and techniques to grow your business in the form of sales blogs, videos, call recordings and much more.


Target: –  Sales Representatives.
The smart calling blog offers tips and techniques to grow your business in the form of sales blogs, videos, call recordings and much more.


Target: –   Sales Managers, Executives and Representatives  .
Sales Hacker covers topics such as Sales & Market Development, Sales & Account Executives, Customer Success, Sales Ops & Enablement, and Sales Leadership in the form of sales blogs, E-books, webinars and videos. 


Target: –  Sales Managers.
Closer IQ is a great place for  sales professionals to attain bite-sized bits of information on topics such as hiring and talent strategy, sales tips and career advice, sales management and more that will help startup leaders and HR departments respectively. 


Target: – Sales Professionals.
Sales professionals who want to conquer the power of inside sales can find needful insights here along with strategies, reports, statistics, and much more.


Target: – Sales Representatives.
Viewpoint is the best destination for sales representatives to gain information about account-based marketing, inbound/outbound balance, marketing,sales tips, lead generation strategies, ROI and more.


Target: –  Sales Professionals .
The Sandler Training Blog mainly contains advice for every sales professionals including individual sellers, managers, and executives. Their sales blogs and podcasts come complete with examples and sample messages.   


Target: –  Sales Leaders .
The ambition blog provides information on sales coaching, sales trends, interviews and webinars; aimed at motivating and educating  sales professionals. 

Blogs worth your time:- 


Target: –  Sales representatives, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Entrepreneurs .
The author of the book “How to Say It: Business to Business Selling” – Geoffrey James shares information about sales, marketing,  and professional advice through his sales blogs. The blogs will educate sales professionals on a plethora of subjects like writing better sales emails, self-motivation, improving skills and much more.


Target: –  Sales Leaders.
SaaStr blog is the perfect platform for sales professionals to know more about concepts that fall within marketing and sales driven industries.   


Target: –  Sales Representatives, Sales Managers, Sales Executives .
Double Digit Sales is a brilliant platform on which a sales professional can find more information about sales tips and tricks in easy steps through its sales blogs.  


Target: –  Sales Professionals .
This unique platform gives information about sales strategies and tactics in the form of short and conversational articles/blogs that every sales professional should know.

Blogs worth your time:- 


Target: –  Sales Managers.
TopLine leadership’s sales blogs focus more on motivating salespersons. It aims to help them know their weaknesses and improve upon their techniques.