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to generate quality leads

Generating quality leads may be a daunting task for many, but you can take control of your marketing campaign today by using the valuable information contained in our blogs. There are different ways of generating high quality leads, while some have been tried and tested methods like cold calling and email marketing; others are capable of providing you with the best value for money, like social media marketing and purchasing a B2B prospect list.

Ensure guaranteed profits by implementing tested strategies to generate high quality leads and to meet your business objectives.


Data-driven solutions:

27%  of marketers say securing enough marketing budget is their top challenge. Database solutions aim to help ease budgets.

Database platforms are emerging as leaders of a niche segment of marketing and sales. Using database solutions to generate leads can make a monumental growth in achieving your goals. You can collect contact information from different industries across the world for a fraction of the cost  of conventional marketing techniques.

Now create lists tailored for your business needs

Website optimization:


51%  of searchers are more likely to purchase from a website that’s been optimized for mobile and other various devices.

Your website’s landing page might be more critical to generating high quality leads than you realize. It is quite literally the face of your business. Opting for a popular and eye-catching design for your website and its pages can be valuable to boost your lead generation.


Online pay per click adverts

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49%  of people said they click on text ads, while almost 63% of Google users reported doing the same.

Google is the world’s largest search engine. Working with Google and other search engines will present your business with opportunities that generate lead figures. It will also lead to better brand awareness amongst prospects, leading to better lead conversion rates.

Content is king:


Creating content for consumers can help you make or break it in the industry. Studies by HubSpot.com shows that Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising.

Content is useful in both creating awareness about your product while also driving traffic to your website/blog. SEO optimization for your content can, in turn, help your business be among the frontrunners in online traffic.

Roughly 81%  of B2B companies use blogs as a content marketing tactic.

Experience explosive growth with content marketing that generates high quality leads

Social media marketing:


97%  of marketers are using social media to connect and communicate with their audiences.

Social media is a behemoth that is growing out of bounds. With the penetration of affordable internet, the web is essentially a market filled with high quality leads. All one has to do is effectively market their product on social media platforms. 

Social media strategies that actually work to generate B2B leads

Email marketing:


86%  of all b2b professionals prefer to use emails when communicating for business purposes.

Email marketing has been the go-to method of generating high quality leads since the dawn of the decade. When it comes to good old technology, nothing’s better for sales than email marketing. Email marketing has been in and dominating the market for the last couple of decades. It is important to find the right balance between every email, according to hubspot.com, 78%  of consumers have unsubscribed from emails because a brand was sending too many emails.

Position your brand with active buyers with real purchase Intent


Marketing is more than just a numbers game. Getting the right tools to market your product/services is key to garnering a consumer base that is loyal and satisfied. Generate high quality leads using the data provided in our infographic to give your business the boost it deserves.

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An established author and former B2B content marketer, Joseph has been around long enough to see content marketing grow from a buzzword to an industry. Currently a freelancer, he also plays an advisory role with ReachStream’s content team. During his time off, he enjoys a quiet day by the beach with his three dogs.

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