10 Best B2B Sales Tools
2024 (Free +Paid)

Best B2B sales tools for business growth

Generating leads, calling prospects, scheduling demos, presenting products, tracking leads, and following up with them- being an SDR is more than just selling. With infinite time-sensitive tasks comes the need for effective workflow.

How do you manage these vastly different tasks? Most businesses use B2B sales tools specially designed for sales teams to manage tasks and achieve goals.

What are B2B Sales Tools?

B2B sales tools help your team become more productive. They can assist with cold prospecting, managing tasks, and running email campaigns. In their essence, tools for sales are technologies used to help your team reach targets.

It can include CRMs, sales intelligence software, prospecting tools, and even tools to assist email campaigns.  

10 Best B2B Sales Tools (Free +Paid)

Below is the list of the best B2B sales tools. You can find tools for prospecting, sales intelligence data, email marketing, ABM, and CRMs.

B2B prospecting Tools


ReachStream is a free B2B prospecting tool that provides 20+ data insights, free unlimited contact updates, and company data.

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Cognism is a B2B contact database that provides contact data in the US and Europe.  It offers a manual phone number verification option for Diamond plans. 

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Sales Intelligence Software

LinkedIn sales navigator

As the name suggests, this LinkedIn tool provides firsthand data from the prospect’s LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn sales navigator also offers connectivity data.

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ZoomInfo is a B2B platform that has a database for sales, marketing, and recruiting. Their SalesOS provides contact, company, and intent data.

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Email Marketing Tools


AeroLeads is an email finder and verification tool with a Chrome extension. It can also integrate with Gmail for email campaigns.

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Hunter is an email database with powerful features for email campaignsHunter has its own email verification tool. 

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Account-Based Marketing Tools


Clearbit is a database powered by HubSpot and has comprehensive data that allows for detailed audience profiling.

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Demandbase provides multiple products, including sales intelligence and ABM tools. The Demandbase ABX offers account-based website personalization and other ABM related features.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software


While HubSpot has multiple tools (Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Commerce Hub, etc.), it also provides CRM.

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Salesforce is a popular sales CRM that provides custom plans and features.

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Importance of B2B Sales Tools

B2B sales tools can increase your team’s productivity, fill the funnel, and automate repeated tasks. It can improve the number of leads generated, demos booked, and deals closed.

In addition, the hybrid work culture is here to stay. Your SDRs can’t just walk up to their colleague’s desk to assist them. Online collaboration is vital for effective communication in hybrid teams. B2B tools can keep your team on track even if they are running on different lanes. 

Key Considerations in Selecting B2B Sales Tools

Given the humungous amount of sales tools out there, it can become quite the task to decide on a tool. The following are some vital factors to consider:


What function or responsibility are you trying to refine with this tool? Answering this question will narrow down the sales tools on your list.

Depending on the function, you might have to go with CRMs, sales intelligence, prospecting tools, or something else altogether.

Pro Tip: If you want different kinds of tools, ensure they can be integrated for a smooth flow.

Consider your Existing Tech Stack

If you already use some software as a part of your workflow, check if the new tool will fit in with your existing tech stack. If you use a CRM and want prospecting tools, check if it can integrate with your CRM.

Pro Tip: While you are at it, you can also run a quick check of your existing tech stack and optimize it.

Pricing and Plans

Just because the professional plan is on the furthest end does not mean it is the best plan. Compare different features and check out which feature is available on what plan.

Pro Tip: Compare different tools and plans, like how E-Commerce companies allow customers to compare smartphones. Place them side by side and consider the pros and cons.

Team Size

Consider your team’s current and future size. Do these plans provide the space for your team to expand? Is the pricing sustainable for your team? How many users are allowed?

Pro Tip: Check out the fine print or contact the sales team for accurate information.

How to Generate Instant Leads Using ReachStream

ReachStream is a free DIY list builder that provides 20+ data insights, free unlimited contact updates, and free company data. 

Start by creating your freemium account and activating it using the verification link sent to your mail.

Step 1- Filter 

Sign in to your free ReachStream account.  

Navigate to the filter panel on the left and use custom company and contact filters to select your ICP. You can filter for further segmentation.

Use Company and Contact filters to select the ICP.

Step 2- View Profiles

You can select, sort, or remove contacts to refine your custom contact list. View details of your prospects by clicking the View Details icon to refine your list further.

Build your B2B contact list

Each profile contains 20+ contact and company insights, including:

Step 3- Download List

Review your list by clicking on the View Selected Contacts.

When you are ready to download your list, click on Download Selected. The list will be downloaded as a .csv file. You can easily integrate it with your CRM.

Download list

You can try ReachStream for free. ReachStream’s Freemium plan offers all features of the Super Saver plan, including advanced API access.

Freemium $0 / month

Final Thoughts

Being an SDR is more than selling, which is why the tech stack for your team also has to be more than just contact lists and email campaigns. 

It must include systems to manage customer relationships, schedule calls, maintain account details, etc. That said, you cannot deprioritize lead generation. Use ReachStream to create instant custom lists of warm leads. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of B2B sales tools?

One example of a sales tool is ReachStream. You create custom contact lists for prospecting in three simple steps. Other examples include ZoomInfo, Cognism, HubSpot, and Demandbase.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software keeps track of accounts, schedules meetings, sends emails, and maintains notes about prospects.  

You can measure the success of a B2B software by the increase in productivity and communication Depending on the kind of tool, you may also see growth in the number of deals closed and ROI.

B2B sales software increases your team’s productivity, fills the funnel, and automates repeated tasks. As a result, you will see an increase in the number of leads generated, demos booked, and deals closed.

The ten best sales tools include ReachStream, ZoomInfo, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Cognism, HubSpot, Salesforce, AeroLeads, Hunter, Clearbit, and Demandbase.

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