How to Write Content for Landing Pages that Generate Leads 

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Landing pages are one of the essential aspects of a website. Why?

Because these are the pages that generate leads and deliver sales.
In addition to being the place where people “land,” your landing pages are the gateway to information about your company, product/service, your mission, and vision. Basically, everything that can engage your prospects and convert them into buying customers.

However, to generate leads using your landing page, you need to ensure that the content here is appropriate and engaging.

landing page to genrate leads

It should capture the attention of your reader in the first go. But, how do achieve this?

Well, to understand the significance of content on a landing page, keep reading.

Learn how to generate leads using appropriate content.

Why are landing pages indispensable to generating leads?

Even if you have managed to create a fantastic website that represents your brand, it is not enough to generate leads.

To make sure that happens, you need to opt for landing pages, and attractive ones. Often known as lead generation tools, landing pages are the right way to go. Landing pages drive a considerable amount of traffic to the website. It can also help you improve your SEO and build brand awareness.

A useful landing page not only generates leads but also helps you build a customer base. Appealing images, comprehensive content, and impressive design on a landing page can ensure that you derive more leads from the same.

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What does a good landing page look like?

When it comes to a right landing page, there is a reasonably clear idea as to how it needs to be built. However, let’s do a quick review of a landing page that will genuinely generate leads. 

A great landing page should have:

appropriate content

Content that provides value

Adding appropriate keywords (so that your prospects can find you) and highlighting why the prospect should opt for your services are the most important goals of a landing page.

However, to create value using your content, you should look to generate copies that tell a story and engage your prospects. If your content is not attractive, your landing page can come across as drab, which can hurt the generation of leads.

appropriate content

A form that converts

Your landing page is only a landing page when you include the form.

Now, the form you include must balance the value of your offer and the information you are asking for. For instance, if you are offering an essential checklist, the form should include less than four fields.

get converts

You can utilize smart fields to collect more information once your prospect fills a particular field. This is often used by marketing experts to obtain better data for running campaigns.

appropriate content

Impressive videos and images

Think about it logically! No one would like to see a wall of text on a landing page. That is just plain boring, and annoying!

Hence, combining text and images/videos can instantly boost the performance of your landing page.

How video marketing can impact your B2B sales

Also, when it comes to static image and videos, the latter is more impressive to the audience.

Videos are an underutilized resource for landing pages. So, to generate leads and win prospects, make sure you implement images and videos to the landing pages.

appropriate content

A testimonial that is real


Most landing pages miss this element! Testimonials!

They might not seem like a big thing, but adding a testimonial to the landing page acts as reinforcement for your brand. It shows that everything you claim about your company, product, and service is accurate. It helps build trust within your prospects.

Since testimonials act as social proof, adding these to your landing page will only leverage your position.

You can also opt for total download numbers, awards, and product/service reviews.

appropriate content

Social media links (in case someone wants to share)

Even if you got all the other elements on your landing page right, without social media share buttons, it’s a lost cause.

If a prospect finds your page interesting, they might want to share it with their colleagues as well. And without social media share buttons, this would be impossible!

Thus, your landing page should always include social share links. This simple element can boost the performance and effectiveness of your landing page.
These are fundamental elements you must add to a landing page.
Let’s look at a few examples of landing pages that are doing more than just generating leads.

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Landing pages that are just perfect -

targeted b2b marketing database
moz bar

This landing page works because:

  •  It is clean and clear.
  • The design is straightforward.
  •  Gives all the information required that can quickly generate leads and convert.
  • The user testimonials are on-point.


It is clean and clear

The design is straight forward

Gives all the information required that can quickly generate leads and convert

The user testimonials are on-point

hubspot logo

This landing page stands out because:

  • It is minimal in design 
  • Content is truly the king here 
  • It provides a sneak-peek into what you are about to download 
  • The form is short and crisp

It is minimal in design

Content is truly the king here

It provides a sneak-peek into what you are about to download

The form is short and crisp

business database marketing

There are many great landing pages out there, which you can use to learn and improve your B2B landing page. It is crucial to find out what really works for your company.

Now, that we have already discussed the qualities of a good landing page that generate leads, it is time to analyze in-depth how to write content for a stellar landing page.

4 ways to master the art of writing stellar landing pages

To make your landing page more productive and generate leads, follow these tips:

Talk more about the benefits, not only the product/service

No to very little customers find interest in “solutions” that you have to offer. Shift your focus from the “solution selling method.”
According to the method, salespeople align the solution with a customer’s needs and demonstrate ways why it will prove to be better.

But here is the question – if the customers are already on your landing page, then they already know the solution you are offering.

So, instead of offering solutions and making your landing page all about your product/service, make it about its unique benefits.

Aim to make your product stand-out. Highlight its individuality. Combine your solution with the benefit of the product/service to create a positive impact.

solution selling method

Look at the landing page for Jaybird, a company that sells high-end Bluetooth headsets. The landing page is all about the benefits. Very little is said about the solutions offered.

Benefits triumphs solutions.
So, if you want your landing page to generate leads, start talking about the advantages of your product/service.

Keep the writing simple

Your writing prowess is not in using big words, but impressing the audience. And it is the simplicity that will win them over. Simplicity sells. Look at the landing page for Optmizely. These guys design the most brilliant looking pages for their clients; however, their own landing page is just masterful. It is simple yet conveys everything it aims to. And it stands out, doesn’t it? This is exactly what you should aim to achieve. It’s the simplicity that always wins. Clear statements, no complications. Stop using clichés like “once in a lifetime opportunity” and “exceeding customer expectations.” These phrases don’t work anymore.

The solution?
Keep your sentences concise and your words clear.
In the process, you will create landing page copies that generate leads.

Be human

Do you know why most people ignore landing pages?
Not because they are too flashy or too dull.
It is because most of the time, they sound too technical.

If you decided that producing landing page copies that are too robotic will do you any good, well, think again!

If your target audience comprises of machines, a strained landing page lacking emotion will suffice.
But if its humans you are planning to connect with, ensure that you sound like a person as well.

People connect with other people, not robots.
Hence, it is essential that your copy needs to incorporate a human touch.

To make your landing page sound more personal, you can make the copy very conversational (write just the way you speak).
Try to use easier words and more concise sentences. Feel free to break certain grammatical rules if it helps you sound a lot more natural.

The idea is to get the thought of writing a “copy” out of your mind.
Just imagine you are having a conversation with your prospect, and you will end up doing a much better job.

Ask your prospects to take action

The final content technique on a conversion-pro landing page is to add call-to-action buttons. If you don’t ask for your prospects to convert, you won’t get them.

The end goal of your landing page is to generate leads.
That is the whole point! So, whatever you write, should drive that conversion point home.

You might think that adding CTAs might seem desperate. But the truth is, it is not! Don’t be shy to ask your prospects to convert.

CTAs should stand out in the landing page because it is the only copy that prospects notice. Keep the CTAs interesting, under a few words, and this can ultimately have a positive impact on your conversion rates.

For instance,”Add to Cart” works well when compared to “Buy Now”
Your CTA should be designed to generate leads!

To sum it all up

Landing pages are essential to generate leads. There is no denying that fact.
However, to ensure that you can generate leads as smoothly as expected, you need to get your landing pages on-point.

Keep the above-mentioned points in mind when writing copies and witness a stark improvement in the number of leads generated.

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