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Every business grows from the acquisition of new customers, it is imperative for success. Whether you are a company of five or a Fortune 500 giant, possessing a roadmap that will allow your customer acquisition strategy to be a success is of the utmost importance.

The more customers you acquire, the greater your chances of expeditious growth.

If you can successfully impress your existing as well as new customers, you stand to turn them in to your brand ambassadors. Doing so, will only assist in the further promotion of your business to other potential prospects. This directly results in the acquisition of even more customers. And the cycle continues!

Without a doubt – customer acquisition is crucial.

What is Customer Acquisition?

Simply put, customer acquisition equates to the gaining of new customers/clients for your business. Acquiring new customers is essential to sustain the growth of your business and will ensure its impending success.

Marketers are always on the lookout for unique ways in which they can showcase their products/services. If done properly, it will have a positive effect their ability to acquire new customers!

Customer acquisition may sound like a difficult task, but if you follow the right tips and techniques, you stand to make it an accomplishable one.

Follow the hacks given below to ensure that you are able to channel new prospects further down your sales funnel.

Generate Enriched Leads for Better Sales

customer acquisition for new business

1. Develop a Lead Generating Website

Your website might look appealing and professional, but does the information it provides, meet the expectations of your prospects? To acquire new customers, it is essential to develop a website that stands out. Create landing pages that convert leads into paying customers. An informative and visually appealing landing page can work wonders when it comes to acquiring new clients.

Strategic landing pages are used to acquire new leads by 68% Of B2B Businesses


The average landing page conversion rate is


Companies with 10 to 15 landing pages increase new leads by almost


Even a one-second delay in the loading of a website can reduce conversions by


2. Invest in Content Marketing

Every salesperson in this world is aware that one of the best ways to convince new customers is to establish oneself as a thought-leader. To be able to reel-in prospective clients, you need to have an effective content strategy in place. If not, the metrics of your campaign will speak for itself.

generate enriched leads

Marketers who focus their efforts on blogging, witness a 13x increase in ROI

Content marketing produces thrice the number of leads when compared to paid search advertising

One comprehensive blog post creates as much traffic as six old posts.


of B2B businesses use blogs as a part of their content marketing strategy


    Is allocating a Content Marketing Budget necessary?


    3. Use Digital Marketing Channels

    Digital marketing channels make it easier to reach out to customers. Be it content, social media or email; digital marketing channels are one of the best tools for customer acquisition. Here’s why:

    Free trials
    have a conversion rate of


    Paid search results are 1.5x more likely to convert


    of US consumers have purchased products they have seen via a brand’s social media post


    of marketers use affiliate marketing as one of the top customer acquisition techniques

    Looking to retain existing customers?

    4. Build Engagement via Social Media

    In the age of digital marketing, most experts invest a significant amount of time to learn about their customers on a personalized level. Engage with your customers using various methods to pique their interest. Only when you create enough interest, will they attempt to flock to your brand.


    of marketers generate leads using Twitter


    of marketers view engagement as customer acquisition


    of companies say that more than twenty five percent of customer service inquiries take place through social media channels

    Earned media can add up to


     a increase in engagement rates

    Make Your Sales Process Effective

    5. Develop Remarketing Strategies

    Remarketing or retargeting forms the basis of any customer acquisition strategy. Remarketing essentially redirects targeted customers, those who initially showed no interest in purchasing your product. By positioning ads in front of a targeted audience, it becomes easier for your business to get noticed.


    of marketers who implement retargeted ads witness a better performance when compared to other forms of advertisement

    Remarketing is incredibly powerful when it comes to building brands


    of customers report a “very positive” reaction to remarketed ads


    of brands have a dedicated retargeting budget

    In conclusion

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