16 High-value Marketing Material Every Business should have

16 High-value Marketing Material Every Business should have

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Digital marketing is the greatest thing to ever happen to marketers. Or the most confusing, depending on how you look at it. As with all new subjects, digital marketing is finding its feet, so mixed reactions are natural.

And thanks to the internet, there are a lot of digital marketing “experts” who don’t have a clue about what they’re saying. The result? Ignorance rules, marketing loses, and misinformation wins.

That’s why our team at ReachStream has decided to set the trend straight. Our experienced experts have compiled a list of what are the most important things every digital marketer should know in 2019.

We’ve also attached free downloadable content to each of these links so that you can use them to help your business.

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    Plan your digital marketing campaigns

    plan your digital marketing campaigns

    A marketing campaign is a long journey, and sometimes a lonely one. There are challenges in executing your strategy, unexpected hurdles you must overcome. This is where the importance of planning comes into the picture. A solid, implementable plan can help you deal with even the most difficult situation.

      How to Use Instagram for Business

      instagrams for Business

      Instagram is not the B2B marketer’s platform of choice, but that may change soon. With over 500 million people logging in every day, it’s a market you can’t miss! Learn how you can master the basics of Instagram for your business and make your brand stand out in a competitive landscape.

        Manage your Social Media Campaigns

        manage your social media campaigns bg1

        Social media marketing can be exciting, but it presents its own set of challenges. The sheer number of platforms, responding to customers, the list goes on. It can be overwhelming to keep track of them all without a blueprint. That’s why we’ve designed a social media calendar that you can customize as per your requirements.

          Five Free eBook Templates

          five free ebook templates bg1

          eBooks are hard work. Right from researching, brainstorming, and finally writing, it can be easy to get lost without a map. And if you don’t have much experience writing one before, eBooks can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve built 5 eBook templates that you can use for your campaigns.

            Content Editorial Calendar(Free Template)

            b2b companies usa

            Content marketing forms the crux of digital marketing. Without a content marketing strategy in place, your marketing efforts can go to waste. This content editorial calendar is designed to guide you and help you strategize. Easy to customize, this template is everything you will need to boost your content marketing.

              A Definitive Guide to Healthcare Marketing

              a definitive guide to healthcare marketing bg1

              Healthcare Marketing is a newcomer to digital marketing. Unsurprisingly, it now plays catch-up to several other industries as it slowly embraces modern marketing techniques. However, the vast amount of data that the healthcare industry has makes it a ripe industry for digital marketing efforts to take off.

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                The rise of digital marketing has been rapid. It is already dominating marketing efforts online. But in a hyper-competitive environment, standing out of the crowd is difficult. Without a well-planned strategy that you can fall back on, executing your plans will prove difficult. Learn how to set objectives for your digital marketing campaign.

                setting up smart objective

                Setting Up SMART
                Objectives for your

                  budgeting healthcare marketing

                  Budgeting B2B
                  marketing campaigns
                  (FREE TEMPLATES)

                    Your budget is the financial roadmap for your marketing journey. But many marketers treat their campaigns like an excursion. As often happens in B2B, expenses can be steep and unexpected. It’s always best to prepare for such situations. Find out how you can budget for your B2B marketing campaign with this check list.

                    The internet is the best thing that ever happened to marketers. It has made it easier to reach prospects, and even know them as well as they know themselves. But there are still plenty of things that can go wrong. It is best to know about them and prepare accordingly.

                    marketing campaigns effective like a champ

                    Run your Sales and
                    Marketing Campaigns
                    like a Champ

                      marketing database lists

                      Plan Your business
                      strategies like a pro

                        Planning well is half the battle won, but many marketers don’t plan well. It’s no surprise then that their campaigns don’t end well either. Planning your marketing strategy is different from preparing for the marketing journey. Without clear objectives, your plans can flounder. Learn how you can plan for your marketing campaigns.

                        Is your marketing campaign running according to your plan? In this age of information overload, keeping track of all your data is difficult. This is where metrics, such as Google Analytics come into the fray. Learn how you can keep track of your marketing campaigns and how they are performing.

                        healthcare data

                        Measure the effectiveness
                        of your campaigns:
                        Know your metrics

                          b2b sales cycles

                          Seven Ways
                          to Shorten your
                          Sales Cycles

                            No organization wants a long sales cycle. But there are plenty of reasons why your sales process can take longer than usual. This can mean lost revenues and fewer customers. With digital marketing that has started to change. Find out how you can shorten your sales cycle with these 7 tips from ReachStream.

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                              healthcare marketing glance

                              Healthcare Marketing: At a Glance

                              The healthcare industry is a newcomer in digital marketing circles. As a result, it now struggles to catch-up with other industries. But perceptions are changing across the industry. This eBook is the most comprehensive introduction to marketing in the healthcare industry.

                                Generating Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

                                It’s hard enough to chase leads for months on end, with no end at sight. However, once a lead is sales qualified, marketing teams can rest easy. But as is the case with everything else, it’s a long and often unfruitful process. Our team of experts have compiled a list of things you can do to generate more sales qualified leads.

                                  lead generation

                                  to access the reliable insights and data

                                  acquistition database

                                  Actions to Take after Generating New Leads

                                  Once you qualify your sales leads, it’s tempting to think the real battle is over. But the truth is that the war is only to begin. Merely having leads is no good for any business, it is more important that you can convert them into paying customers. We’ve mapped out a series of steps to take once you generate leads, to ease the burden on your sales reps.

                                    A Sales Playbook for your Team

                                    Sales reps always have it the hardest. Despite their flexible schedules, their targets are steep and unforgiving. And their months-long hard work can come down to nothing in a single day! However, many salespeople are guilty of not planning well enough. We’ve crafted an eBook that consists of best sales practices and tips to close more deals.

                                      sales playbook


                                      Digital marketing isn’t rocket science, and it doesn’t need to be. But having difficulties and setbacks in the initial phase of your journey is all too natural. While it can bog you down, it’s important not to lose sight of the bigger picture.

                                      We hope these resources help you overcome your marketing challenges. They will act as a guide and set you right on track to achieve your sales and marketing goals. Happy reading!

                                      An established author and former B2B content marketer, Joseph has been around long enough to see content marketing grow from a buzzword to an industry. Currently a freelancer, he also plays an advisory role with ReachStream’s content team. During his time off, he enjoys a quiet day by the beach with his three dogs.

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