Cold Calling Metrics:
Effective Templates for
Cold Calling KPIs

Check out the metrics for cold calling and track your campaign performance using this cold call excel template. Determine areas of improvement for your team to generate fresh leads and increase return on investment (ROI). Use our simple cold calling metrics template to gain insights into your sales team’s cold calling.

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How to Use Cold Calling Metrics Template

This cold call metrics template contains tables to measure KPIs like call volume, call duration, connect rate, accuracy rate, call-to-appointment ratio, conversion rate, and ROI.

Navigate to the sheet titled “Cold Calling Metrics Template.” You will find the template for calculating your monthly metrics on this sheet.

Fill in relevant numbers for every day of the week and let the sheet calculate weekly and monthly numbers.

KPIs Explained

Take a look at what metrics to measure for cold calling and how to gain insights from them.

Picture of Call Volume

Call Volume

Simply enter the number of calls your team makes every day. This will allow you to measure and set the total call volume for your team.

Picture of Call duration

Call duration

Enter the average call duration of every SDR (in minutes) and calculate your team's total average call duration. Keep track of the average call durations of your team for insights into the sales pitch and the prospect's place in your ICP.

Picture of Connect and Accuracy Rate

Connect and Accuracy Rate

Track and enter the total connect rate for the day to gain insights into the quality of your contact database. Check if the numbers on your list connect to a human (connect rate) and if they reach the relevant representative (accuracy rate).

Connect rate
Accurate rate
Picture of Call To Appointment Ratio

Call To Appointment Ratio

Enter your team's number of appointments to calculate the call-to-appointment ratio. Your final call-to-appointment ratio would be the average of all weeks. This ratio will help you understand the quality of your leads and the team's efficiency.

Call To Appointment Ratio
Picture of Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

The higher the quality of your leads, the quicker they go from cold to hot leads, and therefore, the higher your conversion rate. You will need to keep tabs on how many leads from cold calling were successfully closed to check the conversion rate for the month.

Conversion rate
Picture of ROI


This one is simple— keeping track of ROI will give you insights into your team's success in cold calling. This will let you determine if you should continue the campaign or look for other lead-generation strategies.

ROI overview

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