10 Best B2B Contact Database Providers in 2024

Best B2B contact database providers
We tried them out, so you don't have to.

Most companies buy a B2B contact database to fill their sales funnel with quality leads. Contact databases allow for lead generation and enrichment and therefore, better prospecting.
But how good are these data providers? And which one to choose? Read more to find out about our top 10 B2B contact databases.

What Is a B2B Contact Database?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of database providers and their confusing features, let’s first understand what a contact database is and how it looks.

B2B contact databases are just that a collection of different contact touchpoints of possible prospects. But there is the catch it is segmented and can have more than just touchpoints. In other words, sales databases focus on the following fields:

What Is an Example of a B2B Database Provider?

ZoomInfo and ReachStream are good examples of a B2B Database provider. You can gain contact details, company profiles, technographics, and other information about people from a single place. 

B2B databases include details of the key decision makers and are updated regularly for high accuracy and quality. They also come with advanced API access for integration.

Features of a Quality B2B Contact Data Provider

Given the current market, deciding on a B2B database can be hard at best and utterly bewildering at worst. Shortlist and compare database providers based on the following metrics to measure their quality.

Picture of Accuracy


No B2B data is worth it if your sales team is spending time trying to contact numbers and emails that don’t exist. Go beyond the feedback on their websites and check out customer reviews on different review sites like G2 for third-party reviews for a better picture.

Picture of Compliance


The people you will be calling should be willing to accept calls. If the data platform does not comply with privacy regulations and Do Not Call Lists, your brand’s reputation can take a hit.

Picture of Update Frequency

Update Frequency

People change. They change jobs, titles, responsibilities, numbers, and emails. Be sure that the data you are buying is updated and verified frequently to keep its accuracy rate high.

Picture of Features


Look for B2B database providers that offer more than data—additional features like integration and search filters. At the same time, these features should be simple enough.

Picture of Pricing and Plans

Pricing and Plans

Compare all available plans to see what new features or benefits are provided for a slightly higher price and determine if it is worth the higher budget.

Let's say you have decided on a B2B database to buy. Now you are faced with complex, seemingly similar plans to choose from. The key to getting the right plan is the features.

10 Best B2B Contact Database Providers in 2024

Here are the 10 best B2B contact database providers in 2024 along with their top features and plans.


ReachStream is an easy-to-use B2B marketing and sales data platform that allows you to view and download data in 3 steps. It provides a B2B contact database free of cost, with affordable upgradation and API access. ReachStream’s data is GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CCPA, ACMA, EDPS compliant.

Top Features
ReachStream Pricing

Zoominfo is a B2B sales, marketing, and recruiting database available only with custom plans and packages. It has a considerable database with insights such as contact details, technographic data, intent data, etc. Can be integrated into most CRMs and has a Chrome extension. Zoominfo is GDPR and CCPA-compliant.

Top Features
Zoominfo Pricing

Cognism is a lead generation database used for prospecting and GTM strategies. It also provides intent data and mobile numbers of your ideal customer profiles. Like most sales databases, Cognism can be integrated into CRMs with a Chrome extension.

Top Features
Cognism Pricing

Uplead is a B2B leads database for prospecting and driving growth. Uplead provides technographic and intent data. Chrome extension and API access are also available.

Top Features
Uplead Pricing

Lusha is a go-to-market intelligence platform aimed at small teams for sales, marketing, and recruiting. It can be integrated into CRMs and has a Chrome extension.

Top Features
Lusha Pricing

This is another B2B contact database provider with 275M+ contacts. It offers comprehensive features and functions.

Top Features
Apollo.io Pricing

Kasper is a prospecting tool that shares its database with Cognism. It has a LinkedIn extension and allows you to export data to other CRMs.

Top Features
Kasper.io Pricing

Hunter.io is an email-focused lead generation tool with web browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Top Features
Hunter.io Pricing

Adapt is a lead intelligence platform that provides a B2B database with 20+ data insights. Its features include Data OS—a sales prospecting platform.

Top Features
Adapt.io Pricing

This is a popular lead generation tool from LinkedIn. It is often used to build connections and reach out via email or phone.

Top Features
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find B2B contacts?

You can find accurate and GDPR-compliant B2B contacts on B2B database platforms like ReachStream. Search and select for contacts using custom filters, view and edit the selected list as per your ideal customer criteria and download in XLS format. 

A B2B contact database includes details of target accounts like contact name, job title, job level, phone numbers and email addresses, industry, company name, revenue, location, employee size, and technographical data.

High-quality databases are those that have high accuracy, quality, and quantity paired with low bounce rate. Such databases also frequently update and verify their data.

GDPR, CCPA, ACMA, EDPS, and CAN-SPAM are some of the privacy regulations that B2B databases should comply with.

You can buy B2B data if it complies with privacy regulations like GDPR.

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