How to Create the
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Businesses these days focus on closing mind-numbing-figure sales deals. All the while, aspiring to become a world-class brand. They often integrate strategies aimed at reaching these lofty ambitions.

They’re always on the lookout for ways to shorten their sales cycles.

Here’s the catch though, if you want to achieve a positive outcome with respect to your goals, you need to invest in personalized selling.

And the only way you can do that is by understanding your ideal customer profile for your business.

For you to do know your ideal customer profile, there are a few guidelines you need to consider:

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Define Your Ideal Customer

To create the ideal customer profile, you must first, define it. Compare and analyze your existing customers and familiarize yourself with the ones who add value to your business. You can segment your consumers based on various elements such as industry, geography, demography, company size, the tech utilized, and the overall budget spent to capture the image of the ideal customer profile.

Defining your ideal customer will broaden your sales funnel while narrowing down the number of resources spent on non-productive transactions.

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Identify Common Characteristics

Conduct interviews and accumulate data from your customers to identify the most common characteristics that they share.

For instance, some of your prospects may be more inclined to read blogs, while some will want free trials or discounts and offers.

By identifying their common traits and inclinations, it will become an easier task to segment and define your audience. By the process of segmentation, you will be able to shortlist the ideal customer profile that’s right for you.

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Ask the Right Questions 

To refine your search for an ideal customer profile, start by asking the right questions. For instance, questioning your customer’s business goals, or recognizing their pain points and obstacles will give you clear direction about how to engage your ideal customers(Click to tweet) More significantly, it will allow you to find your ‘ideal customer.’

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Review Your Website Traffic 

If you want to know who your ideal customers are, you need to evaluate the analytics of your website. Your audience’s behavior online can reveal plenty about them.

Factors such as the most-visited web pages and the most popular blog posts will give you deeper insights into their personality; quite accurately, actually. 

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Study Successful Sales Patterns

Take a close look at the closed-sales accounts and ask questions such as how did they get to know about your product/service?  

If you’re looking to personalize your sales process and derive revenue from it, first, you need to map out your ideal customer’s profile. Keep in mind the points mentioned above when scouring for your ideal customer profile.

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